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The Importance of Protein SupplementationLeave a Reply

Benefits Of Having Protein

You should never replace your daily meals with substitutions or supplements. Supplements are meant too supplement your dietary needs.

Thinking that you don’t need supplements? Well you’re just completely shortening your potential growth and seeing how far you can push your body to its maximum achievement. For example if your and ectomorph which is someone who is born naturally thin and struggles to grow or gain weight. It’s a daily battle to grow simply because ectomorph has a fast metabolism. Or if you are lacking the nutritional sustenance needed in your dietary needs. Having protein overall is needed in one fashion or another.

Whether you work out to improve your strength gains, endurance or just want to improve your overall muscle structure. The importance of pre, intra and post supplemental dietary consumption is vital for muscle growth. Many people simple consume less than the suggested amount of calories, carbs and of course protein from their meals and supplemental needs. Protein helps repair damage to muscles that can occur with serious bodybuilding. Protein mainly benefits by restoring muscle glycogen into muscle cells.

Difference Between Proteins

Here’s a quick breakdown when referencing the type of proteins to fit your needs.
Weight gainers Struggling gaining Weight? Besides eating high caloric meals look into investing into a weight gainer.

Weight gainer will provide you the carbs and calories your body can use to covert fat into energy and most weight gainers has creatine monohydrate designed to help support strength and mass, glutamine for muscle recovery and protein of course for muscle growth between 50-60 grams.

Invest in a supplement that is of good quality not by the label or marketing of the product but the truth behind it which is well behind it, the nutritional facts. From calories, carbs to serving size don’t be fooled by gimmicks and over promises when it comes to protein supplements.

Complex Blends Let’s say you’re not worried about gaining weight at all you just want a good protein and not worried much about carbs and calories just want protein overall .

A complex blend protein supplement is a moderate meal replacement. It contains fast, medium and slow digesting protein enzymes which means it will keep you feeling full longer .
RTD’s are ready to drinks protein pre made a perfect choice if you’re an On the Go type of person.

Low Carb

But what if too much protein makes me huge like that guy at the gym? Don’t be silly, if you’re carb conscious person and trains hard. Protein is not your concern, its sugar, carbohydrates and cholesterol. Low carbohydrate

When to Take It

One of the best times to benefit from protein intake is first thing in the morning to start your day of right. After sleeping six to eight hours your body is at a fast so having the right supplemental shake first thing in the morning will keep your body at a positive nitrogen level and not spike up your insulin levels. Also don’t forget a post drink immediately after your workout, thus replenishing your muscle with branched chained amino acids that are crucial for muscle building. And lastly have a healthy dose of night cap prior to bed time preferably a casein protein which is a slower digesting protein a dairy based designed to last in your system throughout the night.

Look at the nutritional facts before you purchase make sure its realistic and

description taste. in serving size and protein grams 25 -30 grams is just right.

There you have it the basics not promoting one or the other, just simple facts on the most essential sustenance that will help you achieve you greatest goals. Train hard live well.

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