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Random drug testing. "Bitch tits," enlarged prostates, accelerated hair loss, testicular shrinkage, liver injury and additional steroid-related side effects. Are the gains from pro-hormone use worth all this? Proven natural anabolics did not exist until recently. Now there is methoxy, the innovative anabolic flavone compound that is the most commonly discussed new bodybuilding supplement in years.

Methoxy Isoflavone

Methoxy Isoflavone was researched in the 1970's, using the livestock industry. Astonishing lean tissue gains occurred in all of the test animals in a 30-day experiment. All through the studies the supplement showed no effect on the natural hormonal axis. It enhanced nitrogen retention by the body, regardless of the species used (testimony to the anabolic effect), and it partly suppressed the extremely catabolic hormone, cortisol, which causes muscle breakdown. In fact, equal amounts of anabolic steroids did not curb cortisol as efficiently. Several companies are currently advertising the compound as a "steroid replacement."

Methoxy Isoflavone has no androgenic side effects. It adds to lean tissue and boosts protein synthesis. In addition, it improves recovery from forceful workouts. 5-Methoxy-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone – the official chemical name, is an all-natural ingredient that was brought to light by a Hungarian company decades ago. This ingredient became accessible on the open market in 1997 owing to the ending of its patent. Quite a few materials comparable to it are found in several plants and some foods, including soybeans.

Methoxy Isoflavone also decreases body fat, lowers cholesterol levels, helps stamina, adds to energy and amplifies the body's capability to make use of oxygen. It does all this without harmful side effects. Human studies carried out with wasting patients demonstrated an increase in lean body weight anywhere between 2 to 3 kilograms in just a few weeks. Methoxy Isoflavone has been shown to have unbelievable results when used for speedy muscle enlargement in athletes.

Animal Methoxy Stak

Several of the finest, most powerful underground anabolic supplements have indisputably been created in Eastern Europe. Elite bodybuilders and strength athletes were the first to test Animal M-Stak prototypes. This supplement has an effect on biochemical mechanisms, which help anabolism: improved nitrogen retention, nutrition partitioning (diverting more nutrients to lean mass over body fat), better insulin function, augmented protein synthesis, and reduced protein catabolism.

Animal M-Stak imitates the effects of anabolic pharmaceuticals, and it assists your body's creation of all five anabolic hormones: testosterone, human growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), luteinizing hormone and insulin. Most amazing of all, M-Stak does this in a non-hormonal formula. It also aids your body to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone, supports your liver, boosts vigor for "out of this world" feats, and gives key vitamin and mineral sustenance to your muscles.

Methoxy, Ecdysterone and Ipriflavone are the three chemically active substances that make up Animal M-Stak's core. Because of this natural flavone complex, this supplement has the improved capacity to help you add muscle to any frame. Its praise has been spreading like wildfire in Europe, where it was first tested.

So if you're trying to put on some lean muscle or have had problems doing so in the past, Animal M-Stak may be the answer. Both methoxy and ipriflavone have the capacity to transport nutrients such as protein, carbs and fat towards lean mass accumulation rather than fat deposition.


The makers of Methoxy-Pro promise that you will put on up to 10 pounds of solid mass in just 30 days with their innovative, superior "muscle-synthesizing" protein formula. They are so sure it will give you the outcome you've been looking for; they have an unparalleled ironclad guarantee for spectacular results or your money back.

Top competitive bodybuilders and sportspersons are calling Methoxy-Pro one of the most potent muscle-building protein formulas available. The active ingredient, whey protein, is made using the method of cross flow micro/ultra filtration to preserve the vital micro-fractions and growth factors and to keep the protein undenatured. This supplement is said to have the precise amount of important muscle-building amino acids to attain the ideal levels for anabolism.

Two of the world's most powerful legal anabolic compounds are used to make Methoxy-Pro – Ipriflavone and Methoxy Isoflavone. These compounds are important for fast muscle development. The protein synthesizing and nitrogen retaining effects of these two compounds are thought to work through totally different paths, and this synergy produces better gains than can be attained individually.

World-class athletes who have used this compound have testified to improved recovery times and strength gains that compare to the increased muscle mass. Thanks to the muscle-building power of Methoxy-Pro, thousands of bodybuilders around the globe have entirely altered their physical forms.


Methoxy-Test has natural flavones, isoflavones and flavanones, which can assist your body in decreasing the quantity of testosterone that is converted in non-anabolic, estrogen hormones. The methoxy isoflavone, quercitin, chrysin, naringenin and ipriflavone in Methoxy-Test are all derived from plants, which means you're getting a natural product to sustain androgen activity in your body.

The products mentioned all contain methoxy isoflavone and ipriflavone, they all offer anabolic and anti-catabolic benefits, and they all help maintain a positive nitrogen balance. No matter which brand you choose, methoxy supplements will benefit you as a bodybuilder, and their natural composition will keep your body happy.

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