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MuscleTech Gakic Pro Series
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MuscleTech Gakic Pro Series Reviews

128 Caplets

Advanced Muscle Fatigue Toxin Reducer. Muscletech Gakic is a revolutionary new muscle enhancement supplement that was designed to increase the output of your muscles and enhance your workouts. It is university tested and proven to show results from the very first use.  
The Most Significant Evolution in Supplement Effectiveness and Performance Has Arrived!  
. Works quickly and increases strength each and every time you workout.  
. It's not like anything you have ever experienced  
. The newest and most unique revolution in strength training  
. University proven to work after a complete and comprehensive 8 years of research  
Perfect for people who are serious about strength training and taking workouts to the next level, or for active athletes who have serious fitness goals they are working hard to attain.  
What is Gakic?  
Gakic is chemically known as Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic-acid calcium.  
Glycine is the simplest amino acid; its side chain consists of just a single hydrogen atom. This amino acid is abundant in the body and is not considered essential. Supplementation with glycine, however, has been shown to support healthy kidney and liver function as well as nervous system health.  
The amino acid arginine has several roles in the body, such as assisting in wound healing, helping remove excess ammonia from the body, stimulating immune function, and promoting secretion of several hormones, including glucagon, insulin, and growth hormone.  
Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid (K.I.C.) is taken as a supplement for its anti catabolic properties. Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid (K.I.C.) can be used with HMB and other anti-catabolic supplements to enhance muscle performance and recovery. K.I.C. helps the protein conversion and absorption process, Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid prevents muscle breakdown and increases strength, power and nitrogen retention.  
Calcium is the most abundant, essential mineral in the human body. Of the two to three pounds of calcium contained in the average body, 99% is located in the bones and teeth. Calcium is needed to form bones and teeth and is also required for blood clotting, transmission of signals in nerve cells, and muscle contraction. The importance of calcium for preventing osteoporosis is probably its most well-known role.  
University Tested and Proven to Work  
Although these are not new sports supplement ingredients, the patented and unique formula they form known as Gakic is. It was developed by scientists at the University of Florida who's researchers are among the top of their class. UF's research enterprise plays an important role in the emergence of the State of Florida as a technological and economic leader in the 21st century. Since its inception, UF has attracted scholars whose curiosity about the world around them has resulted in new inventions and procedures that have benefited the citizens of Florida and beyond in countless ways.  
Through the universities research, gakic received a US Patent for 'Materials and methods for enhancing muscle performance and recovery from fatigue.' Headed by Bruce Stevens, Ph.D., the research team conducted double blind research studies which were IRB approved and tested under IND status which is approved by the US FDA IND.  
What did they find out?  
In comparison to the control placebo, using Gakic increased muscle torque and work while participants increased the intensity of anaerobic dynamic exercise. It enhanced muscle performance by holding back fatigue in the early stages of the dynamic exercise. Subjects were, on average a total of 10.5% stronger while exercising!  
Gakic truly is the next generation of sports supplements.  
. Get 10.5% stronger, immediately after your first serving. Clinically proven to work the first time, every time!  
. Immediate increases in Muscle Power  
. More Explosive Reps and Perfomance  
. Improved Endurance  
. Exclusive US Patent #6, 100,287

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: 128 Caplets
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MuscleTech Gakic Pro Series Reviews

  • Gakic Review
    The original formal did workout but it should be explicitly clear this was made to help enhance strength and that't it.  
    That means everyone saying oh I didnt feel anything, it didn't increase my heart rate, I'm going to stick to my prework-out. Good you should! This product is not claiming to give you the boost to get you into the gym its only to help enhance the workout once there.  
    I will also say I did try this product years later and did not notice the same reaction as the first time. (Hence the original formula comment I had made) If you're looking to be able to do what Dan Greene or Ronnie Coleman were doing/ are doing this product isn't going to work for you. But if you are looking to add a few pounds to your bench or maybe do some more sets it should work.

    Reviewer: from Winnipeg, Manitoba   |   Date: 5/12/2018 3:22:41 PM
    Rated 3 out of 5 3 out of 5
  • Bull S*%$
    Muscletech lol this gakic pro series is by far some top of the line best batch of bull$h*#. Im being honest this supplement sucks horse nuts. I work out monday threw friday, im a real person no scam or nothing. im very dedicated to my fitness, I took this crap and i felt weak, i did not feel anything. My whole work out was from my own pure strength, it did not increase my heart rate nor heat me up. No xplode works way better than that junk, please dont waste time or money seriously, iM still taking the creakic and Leukic but that Gackic can pack it!!!! lol
    Reviewer: from Georgia   |   Date: 4/3/2012
    Rated 0 out of 5 0 out of 5
  • MuscleTech Gakic Hardcore
    I recieved a free sample of gakic in the mail.......i have only used it once........i was very impressed .......45 min aafter taking it i felt like i could run through jittery work out was more intense than ever .....i lifted more weight and could do way more day had no soreness in muscles at supplement i have ever taken.........i ordered a bottle and am waiting for it to arrive.
    Reviewer: from California   |   Date: 12/17/2010
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Awesome
    Stuff is awesome, the endurance strength and stamina is awesome, and i like that its a pill, easier on the go, but i advice taking 6 instead of 8, when i took 8 i felt a bit of a crash afterwards if i was bored and not going anything, but with 6 i was good
    Reviewer: from PA   |   Date: 8/18/2010
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Buy the pills
    For me, Gakic has been nothing but positive. It is pricey so I do have to pick my times to use it. The good about this product is that if you have a relatively empty stomach the pills work perfect! The powder is horrendous according to everyone I spoke to, but I have given my pills for friends to try and they all agreed that it was a difference maker in that workout. I notice a huge difference in my workout and i know its not mental. BEcause I don't feel the gittery feeling I sometimes forget that I took gakic, right untill I do my first set, then i remember after the significant increase in reps and strength. But the best part is when I play sports. I play in numerous football leagues, and do alot of sprint trainning. I take it 45min before I play or train and I NEVER get that feeling where your legs aren't underneath you after a few sprints/plays (depending on if I am trainning or playing in a league). I'm a fierce competitor so I really want to be at my best when I play. I highly reccomend players to take it before they play to take yourself to the next level. Its almost cheating, like you have been trainning for a month hard already when you just started on your first week! I wouldn't reccomend living on this stuff, but I take it for games/sprint trainning, and for a month in the winter(January) to break up my plateau that I usually hit at that time! If you do it that way you won't be dropping tons of money! Don't forget to use protein after your workouts, you know you are getting a hardcore workout using this stuff.
    Reviewer: from green bay,wi   |   Date: 6/19/2010
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Worst Taste, No Pump
    This is by far the worst tasting product in circulation, not just in this catagory. I tried it two times on back to back days. The second day I was actually able to drink the whole dose. After getting the bitter beer look off my face I waited for an hour and felt NOTHING. Went to the gym and had a routine workout. I have tried NOxplode and fast twitch, of the three I will be staying with noxplode, When you find one that works for you stay with it, this stuff is harsh.
    Reviewer: from Miami, Fl   |   Date: 6/4/2010
    Rated 1 out of 5 1 out of 5
  • Ummmmm
    You might enjoy knowing that this is BASICALLY gatorade in pills....not even kidding. the product is based off of patented research from UF...the same place where gatorade was invented...reduced fatigues, more strength, blah blah...all the same as just drinking a gatorade. the simple sugars replace your glycogen to fighht fatigue, the electro lights reduce dehydration to fight lactic acid...need i go on?
    Reviewer: from Wilmington, NC   |   Date: 5/10/2010
    Rated 2 out of 5 2 out of 5
  • Spontaneous Combustion
    I don't know if I was possibly allergic to it but I have to tell my story so people might think twice about taking full dosage at first at least. I took full 8 pill sample and I swear to God honest truth my face became ALL red, my ears almost freakin glowing with my chest pinkish to red, almost felt like I was burning up from the inside, my throat got tight and I was almost about to call my fiance to bring me to the hospital, again, like I said...I'm not bashing it, just advising those of you wanting to try it to start with lower dosage at least. I got the scare of my life. Later on, I did my workout cuz I'm a workout addict, was feeling nauseous but did a bit better in my pushup counts and same for pullups. I might be the only this happened to or to which it will ever happen but please take into consideration. Maybe I would have gotten a better view on it if I had taken less
    Reviewer: from Montreal, QC Canada   |   Date: 4/26/2010
    Rated 1 out of 5 1 out of 5
  • One of the Best Supplements
    First off I think a good review says best by letting the scientist tell you what Gakic is all about Here is a link to see a video: Gackic Video  

    Secondly. I tried this first on a free sample. I not only noticed immidiate results but also results when I was doing cardio. This stuff is amazing. Don't even get me started on the muscle endurance I had when I was doing my resistance training. Man oh man I was a freakin monster in the gym. Get this and try it. One month and you will notice the difference in your training.

    Reviewer: from Birmingham, AL   |   Date: 1/23/2010
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Take the Pills
    I tried both the pills and the powder drink mix. Trust me you don't want to taste the drink. Either way I noticed that I was stronger in the gym and I was able to do more reps. No soreness the next day. I would recommend the product.
    Reviewer: from SA, Texas   |   Date: 1/1/2010
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Good Stuff
    what can i say. stuff really works. got it through the mail one day started the following day. stuff had me pumped. a little on the jittery side though. my words came to a stutter a little, haha. but being on these pills brought me to repping my max at 275 in bench. no joke ppl. if you're looking for energy you've found the answer.
    Reviewer: from harlingen,tx   |   Date: 7/19/2009
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Good and Bad
    I bought and tried the gackic powder. The only thing was the taste was so bad it tasted like you were drinking a kitchen cleaner, after about 30 minutes of nausea i really couldnt or didnt feel like working out. I dont know about the strength increase part.
    Reviewer: from Florida   |   Date: 4/26/2009
    Rated 0 out of 5 0 out of 5
  • Rip-off!
    This is another product by Muscletech that is advertised greatly and does nothing for you. Muscletech has ripped me off again! Even stack all their products together and you get nothing more than a placebo. I got more results from NO XPLODE or any other NO then this crap! I would rather taste Old Crow then this vomit!
    Reviewer: from Tulsa,OK   |   Date: 7/16/2008
    Rated 0 out of 5 0 out of 5
  • Wow
    I bought the Gakic Harcore in pill form, and all I can say is wow. The stuff does make you a bit jumpy or fidgety, but it works. I went from being able to do 1 dead-hang pull-up in the morning, and took the Gakic-first time, to doing 5 dead-hang complete pull-ups that night. All through-out the day I did a full dead-hang pull-up ever 5-10 min. I am a female preparing for the Navy. I use Gakic during training to do more in my work-outs and create more muscle strength and endurance.
    Reviewer: from Alaska   |   Date: 6/28/2008
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Rocks
    I got the Gakic hardcore in pill form a while ago and i have to say its one of my favorites. its a bit of a luxury item because of its price and the fact you don't NEED it but its a GREAT product. idk about massive strength gains but it gets rid of TONS of that nasty burn u get when u work out meaning that if your muscles can keep going, so can u cause u don't have to stop from the pain of all those reps. great product. if u can afoord it, get it
    Reviewer: from San Diego, CA   |   Date: 5/26/2008
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Don't take RIGHT BEFORE workout
    I really like this product, I have actually seen gains from it. The guys at muscletech knew what they were doing when they said wait 45 minuets after you take it to work out. If you follow the directions - the stated benifits will be there when you begin your workout.
    Reviewer: from Houston, TX   |   Date: 2/16/2008
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • This makes u stronger for longer!!
    i used the pills. yes swallowing 8 pills isnt fun but they work. my muscle endurance was amazing. i was doing more reps in almost every set than i thought i could. and i noticed a decrease in my muscle endurance after my bottle ran out.
    Reviewer: from caldwell nj   |   Date: 9/23/2007
    Rated 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  • Not worth half the price!
    This stuff is baa-aad.It tells you right on the bottle that they "havent comprimised taste for quality" Boy, did they hit the first part on the head!. This is the worst tasting product on the market. I have had positive results from other NO products but I still chose to test GAKIC because I have liked other Muscle-tech products. This one ie a big negative. After I forced myself to drink it (by holding my nose and my breath) I waited and waited and never felt a thing. I tried again the following day and still nothing. I am glad however that a friend gave me the bottle and that I did not spend my own money on this stuff. Iw ill be going back to my proven worker!!!
    Reviewer: from Mia   |   Date: 5/9/2007
    Rated 0 out of 5 0 out of 5

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