This stack is our most DYNAMIC stack that is built for all athletes not just bodybuilders. From golfers to basketball players to female crossfitters- the products on this stack combined or used as stand-alones, will benefit your game!

The AllStar Perfomance Stack includes products that will give your energy, boost recovery, and prepare your body for allstar performance. We know your game is good, you know your game is good, but this stack brings it to the next level. Conquer your opponent, break the record, go for the gold, and make your mark with the right supplementation.

Aggression and Intensity
First things first, you got to have a good amount of testosterone flowing through your veins! D-Aspartic Acid is the fastest way elevate test levels and it widely regarded as the strongest test boosting ingredient on the market. High testosterone levels mean faster recovery, increased aggression, and stronger and bigger muscles which each greater performance. USP Labs DAA 3K is affordable and come in an easy to take pill form!

Performance Enhancer
When it comes to performance there a many things that you need to be successful. Endurance, speed, focus, energy, strength, and stamina are critical factors for peak performance and to compete at a high level. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is a very dynamic product that contains multiple ingredients that all work together to take your overall game to new levels. The caffeine content of the performance enhancer comes from natural sources providing a stable amount of energy without the jitters or crash! The Beta-Alanine in Amino Energy really helps to offset muscle fatigue, and the micronized amino acids will fuel your muscles!

Rebuild and Fuel
What is the quickest way to rebuild and fuel muscle? I am glad you asked! Branched-Chain Amino Acids, also known as BCAAs. When exercising at high intensity levels your body will use aminos for muscle fuel. You want to make sure you are supplying fuel for your muscles. BCAAs also bypass the liver and are taken up by the small intestine and go straight the muscle to rebuild them. Optimum Nutrition Amino Chewable make taking amino acids acid a cinch. Not only are they convenient, but they contain micronized amino acids to make absorption a lot easier for your body for even faster results! These are not just for bodybuilders!

Maintain and Prepare
To be at your best you have to take care of your body from head to toe, inside and out. It all starts with a having a good foundation in the form of a quality multivitamin. AllMax Nutrition VITASTACK is way more than your typical multivitamin though. Its got all areas covered! Your muscles, bones, joints , organs, immune system, metabolism, brain and more. 7 formulas in 9 tablets. This is the next level of multivitamins.

Energy and Endurance
Ever heard of the saying Carbing Up? Athletes everywhere consume a high amount of carbohydrates days leading up their event so their body can store it for the purpose of having an endless amount of energy, fuel, and endurance to finish the job. NOW Foods CarboGain contains 100% complex carbs for slow digestion and storage of energy. Not everyone can eat rice, bagels, and potatoes all day. Drinking quality carbs has got to be the easiest way! This product is also perfect for hardgainers that have a hard time gaining weight without getting fat!

Stack Directions

Lecheek Nutriton T-X3: As a dietary supplement, consume (6) capsules in the A.M. with a meal. DO NOT exceed (12) capsules in a 24 hour period. Always consult with a physician before taking T-X3.
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy: Assess Tolerance: Start with 2 scoops pre-workout or anytime you need a little energy.
AllMax VITASTACK: Take 1 Pack per day with water and food.
NOW Carbo Gain: Mix cup with 16 oz. of liquid and drink pre, during, and post workout.