There is a big difference between Getting Tone and being RIPPED TO SHREDS! This stack makes the difference. Today, supplements are cutting edge. Taking the right supplements in conjunction with others can cause very desirable results. The Competition Cut Cycle is based on highly advanced formulations to get you lean enough for a bodybuilding or mens physique show. This stack is not designed for beginners but for intermediate to advanced users who want to go beyond the just losing some weight level. Prepare to Get Ripped Style!!!

Thyriod Booster
Despite all their hard work and hardcore dieting, a lot of people still have a harder time than most trying to get shredded. The fat just won't leave fast enough. Many competitive bodybuilders turn to thyroid medications to crank up their metabolism at ultra high levels. Thyroid medications can be dangerous and if not taken carefully they can burn up muscle. Absolute Nutrition Thyrox T-3 was specifically designed to be a great thyroid hormone booster to give you real help that you need to get ripped. The greater the thyroid hormone output, the faster your body will process and burn calories! This product is stimulant free and can be stacked with other products that are stimulated or non-stimulated.

Physique Hardener/Cortisol Support
Nothing beats being shredded AND having a hard, granite-like physique at the same time. MPA Supps CortiSolve is a natural fat burner that will harden your physique, support healthy cortisol levels, and help you lean out. This product works by supplying the body with vital phospholipids and neurotransmitters, thus reducing the requirement for cortisol following strenuous physical or mental activity and supporting a higher testosteronetocortisol ratio. There are no stimulants in this product so it is perfect to stack with stimulant based fat burners!

Thermogenic Fat Burner/Appetite Suppressant
Remember the old school ECA stack back in the day? Come on you remember! The ole ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin stack. It was THE combo to take to get ultra-shredded. Ephedra is what made old school fat burners work so well. MPA Supps VasoBurn will several other ingredients that all work together to get you competition cut. This product will also give you energy and helps you control your appetite. This hardcore thermogenic is as close to the old school ECA stack as possible!

The Transporter
L-Carnitine has always been and probably will be one of the most widely used fat burners among bodybuilders, from the amateur ranks to the professional ranks. L-Carnitine transports fat to where fat is burned for fuel. There are a lot of companies out there making L-Carnitine. It's all about choosing the right one. Betancourt Nutrition Carnitine Plus is the most dynamic L-Carnitine product that we have seen and highly recommend it. This product is actually very popular among the natural bodybuilding scene.

The final supplement that is needed before stepping on stage is definitely a diuretic. A good diuretic like MPA Supps VasoDry Professional pulls water out from under your skin so you can step on stage dry, crispy, and hard. Ask others and they may tell you the same, that the difference between having a diuretic and not having a diuretic could mean the difference first and second place.

Stack Directions

Absolute Nutrition Thyrox T-3: Adults take 4 capsules daily. Use between meals, take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the afternoon. Do not exceed recommended dosage.
MPA Supps CortiSolve: Take 1 Serving twice daily.
MPA Supps VasoBurn: Rub 1-2 Pumps onto skin in the target area.
Betancourt Nutrition Carnitine Plus:: To use: Mix 1-2 scoops with 10-12oz. cold water and consume with breakfast. Consume a second serving with dinner.
MPA Supps VasoDry Professional: Rub 2 Pumps onto skin in the area in which you need to drop water weight.