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APS Beta Alanine is an anabolic fuel that helps provide an increase in anaerobic and aerobic endurance by delaying muscular fatigue. APS Beta Alanine allows you to push through every workout by providing the fuel to extinguish immediate muscle burnout.

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  • Promotes higher levels of carnosine.
  • Lactic Acid buffer – reduce fatigue so you can train longer
  • Increase strength
  • Enhance workout intensity and endurance

Adding Beta Alanine from APS to your supplement program means blocking lactic acid, thereby slowing fatigue. As lactic acid builds up in response to training, you experience the all too familiar burning sensation in your muscles – this will put an end to your sets. High amounts of carnosine are boosted by the use of beta-alanine in the muscles and can reduce lactic acid build-up, allowing you to train longer and harder – this can mean more workout endurance and more strength.

Mix one scoop of Beta Alanine Powder with a glass (200-250ml) of water or your favorite beverage. Consume before and after your workout. On non-training days, consume 1 serving in the morning and again in the afternoon.


Supplement Facts

250 servings per container
Serving size
1/2 Teaspoon
Amount per serving
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
CarnoSyn Beta Alanine
2 g

Daily Value not established

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For maximum results, take 1 serving before training and another serving post-workout. On off days, take two servings, one in the morning and again in the afternoon.


Discuss use with your physician before taking this product. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. Beta Alanine raises the lactate threshold, which is typically the limiting factor when you work-out. The buildup of lactic acid can stop you from reaching your strength goals because your muscles fatigue, bringing an end to the set. Beta-Alanine increases your training threshold is increased because it blocks the buildup of lactic acid. Beta-Alanine will increase your training endurance which means you can train harder and longer. You’ll be able to drive through your reps and add weight to the bar! Beta Alanine will block the burn and let you get more out of your training sessions!

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