Chaos and Pain

Chaos and Pain began as a tiny blog stuffed into a dusty, long forgotten corner of the internet, a minor bit of esoterica awash in a sea of mediocre writing, unoriginal thought, and oft-regurgitated dogma. The progenitor of the blog, Jamie Lewis, and his occasional training partner, Wayne Banks, decided one day that the Chaos and Pain training style (high volume, high frequency, haphazard and teeth-gnashingly aggressive) would play well into supplements. Jamie had been making his own fat burners for years, and the market has been dying for hyper-extreme, yet legal alternatives to the industry standard. Thus, the two forged a business partnership to bring Jamie’s vision for the supplement future to market.

Domination of the competition is the name of the game, and Chaos and Pain is about to bring their success on the field of strength sports into the world of supplements. You have been warned.

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