Hip Adduction Machine

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This movement is used to strengthen the inner thigh muscles and can prevent injuries such as a pulled groin.


Begin by adjusting the thigh pads on a hip adduction machine; you want to feel a slight stretch in your inner thighs when on the machine. Press your back against the machine and grip the handles next to the seat. Begin the movement by pressing against the thigh pads and bringing your legs together. Focus on just using your inner thigh muscles, and keep the weight under control. Slowly return the weight to the starting position and repeat until you have completed your set.


This movement can be done with a resistance band both seated and standing.


Do not set the thigh pads too far apart; this could cause you to strain your inner thigh muscles. It is better to start with the pads too close together, rather than too far apart. Do not swing the weight or pull your torso forward off the back pad.

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