How Hard Do You Really Train?

If you want to "win" in the gym you should strive to beat each weeks numbers in weight and or reps. This will tell you how you have progressed…

How many of us really train hard? I mean we go into the gym have a huge workout, we think. Some follow a path with the same thing day in and day out without thinking that the body has to have some kind of change. Most of us just go through the motions with the same amount of weight and reps, without ever trying to beat the weight or reps.

If you want to "win" in the gym you should strive
to beat each weeks numbers in weight and or reps.

This will tell you how you have progressed. If you stay with the same weight week in and week out. You are doing nothing. Some people are scared to step up their workout. I mean doing crazy stuff, break the rules. I'm not talking about doing inverted leg presses on the smith machine, but doing stuff like giant sets or rest pause sets. I bet many of you never went one week doing a rep scheme like this; don't count a single rep until it starts hurting.No Pain No Gain!By hurting, I mean when you feel the muscle burning lactic acid, shooting it into the muscle. Don't even count until then and do your same amount of sets this way. Hell, you may do 15 reps on a given exercise but you can only count the reps until it hurts, and for most that is going to be at number 8 or 9 when you are going 15 reps, and going heavy enough.Try this and see if your "HARDCORE" enough.I hear all these people talk about hardcore exercising, but I've yet to see many that damn near fall on the ground or walk away muscles burning so bad that you feel like punching the wall because you have hit that mark. Do some crazy stuff if you want to grow. Lets see how hardcore you really are. Don't worry about putting it on Facebook, no one is gonna care. But it will care to you because deep inside you will know you gave everything you have. Most people spend too much time in the gym working out thinking that in an hour workout your considered "HARDCORE".I can get you throwing up in less than 20 minuteswith some of the stuff I've learned over the years, and is still the way we train to this day. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging, far from it. I just love to see people working hard in the gym. I realize not everyone is going to be able to do these things, but for those that like going around thinking they are "HARDCORE", give me a break. I'm 41, joints are full of arthritis, and I'm overweight, but I still workout harder in one workout than most 20 year olds. Why? Because I know what works and what does not work and more importantly, that going through the motions does not work.

You want more bang for your buck?Up the intensity of your workouts and you will see tremendous gains. I'm tired of seeing guys complain about how they are not growing and not getting stronger. Then friend you are doing something wrong. Be willing to change it up. Be willing to fail at something. Be willing to understand you are not superman.DO REALIZEthat deep down inside you there is a monster waiting to get out, and those weights will not push you back to earth. Learn to fight gravity and think you are stronger. Most people don't get stronger because they simply just don't think strong. Your mind is the ultimate muscle.

Let's Break Some Rules!!!

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