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Stress, consistent exercise, and certain supplements can be hard on the body after time. This stack contains everything you need to give your body a well-needed tune-up and provides what you need to maintain great health. For men or women, both young and old, this stack is for you. Taken together or alone, any one of these products will be a great benefit to you. Go beyond just taking care of your muscles, and supplement for the rest of your body!

Supplements and other substances can sometimes be harsh and have a negative effect on your liver since your liver is one of your body’s natural filters. Whether it is periodically or frequently, supporting liver function is always a smart idea. NOW Foods Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator contains N-Acetyl Cysteine and Methionine, which are two strong ingredients that are highly sought after to detoxify the liver.

Everyone knows that joints need special attention since they undergo tremendous amounts of stress due to exercise, work-related activities, and everyday occurrences. It’s best to take supplementation for joints BEFORE you start to feel pain. NutraKey InnoFlex is a powdered drink mix that contains ingredients that help to lubricate, cushion, strengthen, protect, and rebuild joints. InnoFlex contains Hydrolyzed Gelatin which is also not only great for joints but also for hair and nails.

Multi-Vitamins are a great way to replenish precious vitamins and minerals that are lost during exercise and daily stress. Multi-Vitamins also give you the added extras that you could be missing in your regular diet. Gaspari Nutrition Anavite is a loaded performance enhancing multi vitamin that will help you to feel great and stay healthy. The added Beta-Alanine helps to offset muscle soreness and delay fatigue while working out. Don’t leave the house until you take one!

NutraKey CoEnzyme Q10 is a powerful, natural compound that promotes maintenance of cells, creating more cellular energy in the process. This powerful antioxidant also supports a healthy immune system and decrease the appearance of aging. When your heart has the high levels of CoQ10 it needs, it works like a charm. You see, your mitochondria (the cells energy factories) need CoQ10 to generate ATP energy to keep your heart cells functioning and healthy.

It all starts with a good night’s rest. A lot of people sleep but never get rest. It’s all about the quality of sleep. The deeper the sleep the better. CTD Labs Noxitropin PM give you exactly that, a deeper sleep. When you sleep you well you recover and grow, and start the next day feeling refreshed. Noxitropin PM can also help boost growth hormone levels, leading to decreased body fat and increased bone density.

PrimaForce Lean Green is an extremely potent green tea extract, containing over 90% polyphenols, 70% catechins and 50% EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). Scientific studies show that the active ingredients in PrimaForce Lean Green can help promote fat loss, suppress appetite, enhance immune function and prevent insulin resistance.

Most people don't know that 60-70% of their immune system is located in their gastrointestinal tract. A lot of diseases can start in the digestive tract as “bad” bacteria accumulates. NOW Foods Gr8-Dophilus contains 4 billion living organisms in 8 different strains of bacteria to form “good” bacteria colonies in your gut. This allows you keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Gr8-Dophilus also keep you regular and is perfect for digestive support!

Overall Health
Eat your greens! With Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Greens all of your general health needs will be met: vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables, omegas, joint support, digestive support, immune support and cardiovascular support. It’s an all in one spearmint flavored drink mix that will boost your general health levels!

Fish Oils
NOW Ultra Omega 3 Fish Oil 180 Soft-gels is a contaminant free formula. Free of mercury, PCB's, heavy metals and dioxins. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA) that comes from both animal and plant sources such as Flax Oil, although fish oil is the most wildly used supplement version. Fatty acids serve many critical functions in the body and are essential for normal good health. Your body is unable to manufacture essential fatty acids, this means they must come from food or supplements.

Stack Directions

NOW Liver Detoxifier: Take 3 Capsules 1-3 Times Daily.
NutraKey InnoFlex: Mix 1 scoop with 8oz. cold water or your favorite beverage. Consume in between a meal for best results.
Gaspari Nutrition Anavite: Take 3 Tablets 1-2 times per day.
NutraKey CoEnzyme Q10:Take 1 capsule with 6oz. cold water or your favorite beverage 30 minutes before breakfast and again 30 minutes before dinner.
CTD Labs Noxitropin PM: Take 1 Scoop 30-45 minutes prior to bed.
PrimaForce Lean Green: Take 1 Capsule 1-2 times daily.
NOW Gr8-Dophilus: Take 1 Vcapsule 1-3 times daily.
Controlled Labs OxiMega Greens: Take 1-2 Scoops with breakfast or spread throughout the day.
NOW Ultra Omega 3 Fish Oil: Take 1 softgel 3 times per day with food, evenly spaced apart. For best results, you can use this product in conjunction with NOW® CoQ10 and Tru-E BioComplex.