Supplement Spotlight: Serial Innovations Killer Instinct Pre-Workout

A container of Serial Innovations Killer Instinct

There can be no doubt that when you use a pre-workout, your workout performance will improve dramatically. You’ll experience extreme energy, elevated focus, and greater alertness. Plus, you’ll have more endurance, and better pumps. Finally, you may find you have more motivation and a better mind-muscle connection. There’s a lot of pre-workouts to choose from. If you want a high-stim Pre, one of the best is also one of the newest – Serial Innovations Killer Instinct. Let’s find out more about this impressive product! 

What Is Serial Innovations Killer Instinct?

Killer Instinct is a relatively balanced pre-workout featuring 300 mg of DMHA. This is a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy and elevates focus. It also suppresses appetite, so it supports fat loss. 


Serial Innovations is a no-nonsense company that is making some of the strongest supplements on the market. They’re new, and so far Killer Instinct is their flagship product.  


See it here: Serial Innovations Killer Instinct – I’ll Pump You Up (

Let’s Look At The Ingredients

Serial Innovations Killer Instinct features full disclosure labeling.


Here are the ingredients:


Citrulline Malate – 4,000 mg

This is one of two nitric oxide-boosting ingredients, and that’s citrulline malate. However, this is not pure citrulline. It’s half citrulline, or 2,000 mg, and half malic acid, also 2,000 mg. While malic acid is great for ATP production, it does nothing for pumps. Therefore, this is a little underdosed, which is why users would be smart to stack this admittingly impressive stim-based formula with a pump and performance stim-free pre-workout. (1)


Glycerpump – 2500 mg

Here’s another pump ingredient, but this is an osmolyte, which means it pulls water into the muscles for greater cell volume. This is a branded ingredient that’s using the full 2500 mg dose. (2)


Peak02® – 2000 mg

This branded ingredient helps enhance your utilization of oxygen while training. It also helps increase your work capacity while reducing the buildup of lactate. This in turn helps bodybuilders and athletes train harder and longer. Here are the ingredients that make up Peak02: Cordyceps, Reishi, King trumpet, Shiitake, Lion’s mane, and Turkey tail.  (3)


Beet Root Extract – 1000 mg

Beets are high in nitrate and are potent vasodilators. This means more blood flow and more nitric oxide pumps. Nitrates also improve your endurance by lowering your body’s need for oxygen during workouts. This means more efficient use of energy. Finally, Beet Root is a source of betaine, which acts as an osmolyte, and has properties similar to creatine. (4)


L-Tyrosine – 500 mg

This is an amino acid that plays an important role in the body’s production of dopamine and norepinephrine. These are two neurotransmitters that improve focus and mood, while also easing anxiety. (5)


DMHA(2-aminoisoheptane) – 300 mg

This is a very powerful dose of this potent stimulant which, as mentioned, increases energy and focus. (6)


Caffeine Anhydrous – 300 mg

This is a fast acting caffeine source for energy, alertness, performance and thermogenesis. 


Polygala Tenuifolia 20:1 Extract – 200 mg

Here’s an ingredient you might not be familiar with. Primarily, it enhances cognitive function and supports memory. (7)


Eria Jarensis Extract – 150 mg

Here’s another stimulant that increases energy, enhances alertness, and elevates mood. 


SR Caffeine – 100 mg

This is Sustained Release caffeine, which helps derail jitters and extends energy. 


Halostachine – 60 mg

This is yet one more fast acting stimulant for even greater energy and focus. 


Rauwolscine (Alpha Yohimbe) – 2 mg

Finally, this is another stimulant. As you can see, this is a very powerful, high-stim pre-workout. 


How Do I Use It?

As always, when you’re using a stim-based pre-workout, you should begin with a half-serving to determine your level of tolerance. Once you have determined your tolerance, you can move up to a full serving. Advanced users can start off with a full serving. Make sure you mix it with plenty of water, at least 10-12oz. 

What Can I Stack It With?

You can stack a pre-workout with anything. It should be a cornerstone product in your supplement arsenal. 


As far as what you else you could add to Killer Instinct, try the following suggestions:


Add a pump-based pre-workout. This will enhance the pump, endurance, and performance aspects of Killer Instinct. Admittingly, it’s mainly a stim-booster. It’s not really a complete, well dosed and well balanced product. A good choice would be Bucked Up Pre-Workout Stim-Free.

See it here: DAS Labs Bucked Up Pre Workout Stim Free – I’ll Pump You Up (


Creatine is the original cell volumizer, so it will complement the cell volumizing and nitric oxide-boosting ingredients in this product. 

Here’s a great choice: NutraBio Creatine Monohydrate – I’ll Pump You Up (


Some users may wish to add an EAA/BCAA formula. This will help the body stay anabolic. This is important because training is catabolic. Here’s a great choice: 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY – I’ll Pump You Up (


Don’t forget your protein powder! Find your favorite here: Protein – I’ll Pump You Up (


Find all your supplements right here: Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (


Serial Innovations Killer Instinct is a high-stim pre-workout that also promotes good pumps and increases performance as well as endurance. Follow our stack suggestions and take it to the next level. Finally, while you’re shopping, you can stock up on all your supplements!


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