Trying to Loose Weight? – Then Avoid These!!

Avoid "Trying" to Lose Weight

There is no middle ground in losing weight. Saying that you'll "try" gives your mind unclear directions, and it will return blurry results, results that aren't what you really want. The best way to lose weight is to avoid saying you'll "try" to lose weight, and say you "will" lose weight. You weight loss results will follow, depending on how positive, dedicated and persistent you are.

Avoid Losing Motivation

A lot of overweight people hit a wall after losing from 5% to 10% of their weight. Nutritionists and obesity researchers have observed this tendency for years. Additional research points to the fact that people tend to achieve about two-thirds of their weight loss in the initial three months of the program and then the remaining one-third in the second three months.

Millions have tried before you and the majority of them have fallen far short of reaching their weight loss and diet goals. To be successful, you must:

  1. Get an accurate picture of where you are now.
  2. Jot down detailed, practical goals for your weight loss.
  3. Implement a step-by-step strategy to get you there.
  4. Get started RIGHT AWAY.
  5. Get ready for the emotional roller coaster.
  6. Come what may; don't stop until your goal is reached.
  7. Never, EVER let yourself blow up again once you've reached your goal.

Avoid Being Disorganized

Nearly everyone finds it hard to arrange time to train. Organization is important. Anybody who wants to be successful must organize each day. Subsequent to prioritizing what is most important in your life then you can arrange your days. There is no point in making plans if you do not follow those plans, so be disciplined, and never stray from your routine.

Avoid Waiting to Live Fit – Start Now!

Are you waiting until you arrive at your target weight to "think thin?" People too often cling to the idea that they can't think or act like a thin person until they reach their goal weight. Experts in the field of weight loss push people who want to lose weight to construct an image of how they would not only look, but also how they would act and feel when they are thin.

Avoid Stress

Cortisol is attributable to physical and emotional stress. This hormone is part of the "fight-or-flight" reaction that we have as human beings. Having elevated levels of this hormone has been linked with the storage of visceral fat, diabetes, heart ailments, failing immune system, and chronic depression. The best plan for stopping these lethal, hormonal, Cortisol surges is to manage your STRESS.

Avoid Low-Fat Foods

The low-fat obsession has gone too far. Just because it says "low-fat" doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight. Don't forget about calories. Diets with less than 20 percent fat leave you famished, unsatisfied, and more apt to overindulge. You will be a great deal more likely to snap if you keep choking down just carrots and celery sticks all day.

Avoid Trans-Fats and Hydrogenated Oils

There are two main reasons why there is so much trans fat in our food supply:
1. For a lot of Americans, hydrogenating fats, which makes them harder, is more palatable.
2. Hydrogenated fats have a longer shelf life because in the process most unsaturated bonds, which are weaker, are removed.

Avoid Diet Pills

Have you ever thought of a diet pill as a motivator? Some people do. They look so uncomplicated on the commercials, that a lot of people naively buy them. Marketed on TV, magazines, and on the Internet, diet pills are everywhere you look. Many of these products are not FDA tested and approved. But the FDA does say buyer beware: "be wary of results claiming a 'quick fix' that depart from previous research and scientific beliefs," and that "under certain circumstances, these products may be unnecessary for good health and they may even create unnecessary risks."

Avoid Cutting Dairy

While new studies demonstrate that calcium from dairy foods can actually help people lose weight, dieters are either oblivious to the research, or they pay no attention to it. In fact, 33 percent of dieters are getting rid of dairy foods rather than keeping or adding them as part of their weight-loss regimen.

Avoid Giving in to Cravings

• Store tempting foods on the top shelves of cabinets or the bottom shelves of the refrigerator so they will be less noticeable.
• Get rid of food from every room in the house apart from the kitchen.
• After you have eaten at social gatherings and other events, keep away from the room with the food.
• Don't make phone calls, read or watch television in the kitchen.

Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying

  1. Travel light: in food preferences, that is. Bring yogurt, cereal, fruits, nuts and sandwiches with you so you can avoid the food courts at the airport or the mall.
  2. Walk your dog – it's good for you, and for him.
  3. Down no less than eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day and keep away from soda and sugar-sweetened teas at all costs.
  4. Don't be a garbage disposal, finishing everything on your kids' plates.

It's certainly no fun to lose weight, put it back on, lose weight, put it back on, and so on. You may think it can't be done. Eating smaller portions, including items with protein, fat, and fiber in each meal will make losing weight easier because you will feel less restricted as you begin to learn how to eat right instead of how to follow the rules of the newest popular diet.

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