5% Nutrition Core L-Citrulline 3000


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Size: 60 Servings
SKU: 850006755646

L-Citrulline is a well-known nitric oxide booster that helps improve blood flow. Combined with the cell-saturating GlycerSize (Glycerol Powder) you get a powerful muscle pumping, skin stretching, NO Booster.

Size: 60 Servings
SKU: 850006755646

You’re in the gym, and you’re pushing your muscles to the max. What can be greater than glancing at the mirror during your set and seeing your muscles pumped beyond belief? You look like a monster, but how can you amplify this effect? Easy. Take an effective pump booster such as 5% Nutrition Core L-Citrulline 3000!

Ingredient Profile

L-Citrulline - 3000 mg

There can be no doubt that citrulline is the go-to ingredient if you want huge pumps in the gym. Here’s how it works - citrulline converts into arginine in the body. This promotes greater levels of nitric oxide because once converted, citrulline absorbs better than arginine itself. That means citrulline outdoes arginine at its own game. The bottom line is that increased nitric oxide production promotes vascular dilation. This in turn improves oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body for pumps and increased nutrient/oxygen delivery.

GlycerSize - 500 mg

This advanced form of glycerol provides more glycerol per gram than any other form of glycerol. Glycerol pulls water into the muscles. It supports hyper-hydration and nutrient absorption because of this ability. Look at your muscles as sponges, GlyerSize works by making them ultra-absorbent. This encourages them to soak up water and extra nutrients. This in turn improves performance and gives you unparalleled endurance. It also increases vascularity, fullness, and pumps.

5% Nutrition Core Series - The New Definition Of a Core Product!

If you look at the Core line of most other companies, they consist of just a single ingredient. That’s fine if you’re looking for average results. It took 5% Nutrition to take the concept of a “Core” line and supercharge it by adding in 1-2 supporting ingredients. This simple change completely transforms these products and pushes them up to the top of the category. So if you’re looking for some Core products, look no further than 5% Nutrition!

5% Nutrition Core L-Citrulline 3000 - Experience a powerful one-two punch for massive pumps!


Supplement Facts

60 servings per container
Serving size
1 Scoop (3.9g)
3000 mg
Glycerol Powder (65% Glycerol)(GlycerSize)
500 mg

Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients


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Mix 1 scoop with water or your favorite beverage and consume once a day.

Warning: Not intended for persons under the age of 18. Consult your health care professional prior to use if you have to suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs or are pregnant or breast feeding.


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight & with lid securely tightened.

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