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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT is the most powerful post cycle on the market! This legendary formula is back and you better believe it’s bigger and better than ever! Return your hormonal balance to normal with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT!

SKU: 811836022995

The time has come for every other PCT/Test booster on the market to move out of the way. Why? Simple - the legend is back! You heard right - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT is back and better than ever!

Novedex XT - The Ultimate PCT & Test Booster!

To put it simply, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT is the most effective PCT formula /Testosterone booster currently available! Nothing else comes close. When Hi-Tech made the choice to bring back this legendary product, Hi-Tech made it stronger than ever. First, Hi-Tech designed it to "stick" faster and stay attached to the target molecule much longer. This is known as binding ability. The truth is, Novedex XT is significantly stronger than any other PCT/Test booster you can buy!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT Ingredient Profile

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT contains a revolutionary ingredient profile. This allows it to stimulate a positive anabolic environment that promotes gains in lean muscle, strength, and endurance. It also helps you achieve the dry, lean, and ripped look you want. 

Proprietary Anabolic & PCT Blend - 75 mg

3d-Hydroxy-Androsta-1, 4, 6-Triene-17-One

This ingredient helps decrease the synthesis of estrogen. Perhaps more importantly, it supports the body’s natural production of testosterone. Of course, after a cycle, this brings your hormonal balance back to normal, helping you keep your gains.

3b-Hydroxy-Androsta-4, 6-Diene-17-One

This is an ingredient that helps prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. That means less excess estrogen. It also means more testosterone available for maintaining your mass and strength.

Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione

This is also known as Arimistane. It’s a powerful ingredient that helps to reduce excess levels of estrogen.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT - Advanced Two-Phase Matrix!

If that’s not enough, Novedex XT uses an exclusive two-phase matrix designed to inhibit excessive estrogen release. This positively affects HPTA, which allows your body to increase testosterone production naturally. Of course, this helps restore your body’s hormonal balance post-cycle. 

Incredible Bioavailability!

The advanced formula in Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT increases bioavailable testosterone faster than any other currently available testosterone booster. Better still, Novedex XT uses a smaller dosage than those other brands. This outstanding formula is so effective at estrogen inhibition that in clinical studies using human test subjects, it lowered Estradiol (the form of estrogen typically to blame for the negative side effects) dramatically.

Studies Support Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT

As part of these clinical pilot studies supporting its effectiveness, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT was subjected to a full clinical chemistry panel so Hi-Tech could bring you the most powerful formula possible. In fact, it’s so effective that it easily surpasses even the classic version of this formula!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT Features

Novedex XT is 100% legal and 100% safe, and it is the best choice for post-cycle therapy. Or use it as a stand-alone test booster for amazing results!

  • Increases Testosterone Production
  • Blocks Estrogen
  • Great PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) Formula
  • Promotes Lean Mass Gains
  • Increases Strength and Enhances Endurance

Trust Your Gains To Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Novedex XT– The Legendary PCT/Testosterone Booster King!

Supplement Facts

60 servings per container
Serving size
1 Tablet
Proprietary Anabolic & PCT Blend: 3d-Hydroxy-Androsta-1, 4, 6-Triene-17-One, 3b-Hydroxy-Androsta-4, 6-Diene-17-One, Androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione
75 mg
Other Ingredients:

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Phosphatidylcholine 75%, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Phytosterols, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

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Take one tablet with breakfast and a second tablet in the afternoon. Do not exceed 4 tablets per day.


Discuss with your physician before taking if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medications. Stop use and discuss with your physician if any negative effects occur. Do not exceed the suggested dose. Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Must be 18 years old to use this product. Do not use if the seal has been tampered with. Store in a cool, dry place.

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