iForce Nutrition Hemavol Powder


iForce Nutrition Hemavol – a cutting edge plasma volumizer for crazy cellular expansion! Hemavol’s advanced formula gives you beyond extreme pumps, more strength, and stim-free energy!

Size: 240 Grams

Size: 240 Grams

iForce Nutrition Hemavol – a cutting edge plasma volumizer for crazy cellular expansion! Hemavol’s advanced formula gives you beyond extreme pumps, more strength, and stim-free energy!

The time has come to take the “pump” to the next level! iFORCE Nutrition is proud to introduce the first product of its kind: HEMAVOL – a plasma volumizer! Hemavol was created for one reason: to promote myofibrillar plasma volumization and pumps like you’ve never seen! Hemavol uses hemodynamic technology - innovative and new and we use only research-proven ingredients! With the introduction of this product comes a new breed of plasma volumizers! Not seeing the results you want from "Nitric Oxide" products? Then it’s time for Hemavol!

Hemavol uses two-ingredient blends that work together to achieve plasma volumization:

Hemodynamix matrix: formulated and dosed by research, designed to promote the functions of the Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) Enzyme, while also supporting the plasma concentration of compounds that tie in directly with N.O. production. By augmenting the NOS Enzyme and maximizing the concentration of amino acids needed to produce N.O., The Hemodynamix matrix drives water, intracellular plasma, glycogen, and water into the muscles, resulting in an insane pump.

Vasodilation matrix: these ingredients support the Hemodynamix matrix and promote endurance, leading to greater in-training endurance and improved, extended pumps.

Add Hemavol to your supplement program and experience fresh gains in size, strength and workout endurance and extreme vasodilation, crazy pumps, and extreme cell volumization! From the first time you use HemaVol, you will see extreme cell volumization. HemaVol pulls water from under your skin and transports it to your muscle cells. This leads to more strength, better pumps, and increased training endurance!

Nitric Oxide is well known for its ability to promote the pump. Hemavol promotes the production of NO and blocks the negative feedback loop that prevents the pump and increased levels of NO levels. Increased pumps mean increased blood flow, this helps to drive water, nutrients, and oxygen to the muscles. Getting the nutrients your muscles need is critical to success in the gym. In-training endurance and strength can be derailed by the build-up of lactic acid, a waste product that causes that “burning” sensation in your muscles as you train. Hemavol helps block lactic acid, thereby promoting more effective workouts. What’s more, is that Hemavol will give you clear, clean energy and focus with no shakes or crash.

Hemavol – it’s time to make the switch to the next generation of supplements!


Not to be used by individuals under the age of 18. Consult your physician before taking this product. Do not consume more than the recommended dosage. Discontinue immediately and consult your health care provider if you notice any sleeplessness, dizziness, or heart palpitations.

Supplement Facts

32 servings per container
Serving size
1 Scoop
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
12.5 mg
Vitamin B12 (As Methylcobalamin) -
1.2 mg
Hemodynamix Matrix:
Agmatine Sulfate
500 mg
Citrulline Malate
2,500 mg
Glycerol Monostearate
1,000 mg
125 mg
No2² Vasodilation Support Matrix Proprietary Blend:
150 mg
L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine, Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid), Rutacaerpine, Epimedium (20%)
Other Ingredients:

Maltodextrin, Natural Lemon Flavor, Artificial Lemon Flavor, Sodium Bi-Carbonate, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K, Silicon Dioxide, And Yellow #5.

Global Disclaimer

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HemaVol should only be consumed on training days. Do not use the product more than four times per week. For optimal results, consume with 12-24 oz of water. Tale one to two servings approximately 30 minutes before starting your workout.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in

240 Grams


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