Protein2O Protein Drink



Quench your thirst with Protein2O Protein Drink. Packed with 20g whey protein, zero sugar, and an electrolyte blend, it’s both nutritious and delicious.

Protein2O Protein Drink: Hydration Meets Nutrition

When it comes to maintaining optimal health and fueling your body for maximum performance, every nutrient counts. Protein2O Protein Drink has been specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of active individuals who demand both flavor and function in their beverages.

Protein 2O Protein Drink - The Power of Protein

Every bottle of Protein2O Protein Drink contains a whopping 20g of premium whey protein. This high-quality protein source is renowned for its rapid absorption and muscle repair capabilities. Whether you're recovering from a strenuous workout, looking to curb those mid-afternoon hunger pangs, or simply aiming to increase your daily protein intake, Protein2O has you covered.

Why Whey Protein?

Whey protein stands out as one of the best sources of protein for those aiming to build lean muscle, reduce muscle loss, and boost metabolism. It's a complete protein, meaning it offers all the essential amino acids your body needs. With Protein2O Protein Drink, you get the benefits of whey without the high calories, sugars, and fats commonly found in traditional protein shakes.

Electrolyte Blend for Hydration

But Protein2O Protein Drink is not just about protein. Recognizing the importance of staying hydrated, especially after intense physical activities, Protein2O comes enriched with an essential electrolyte blend of sodium and potassium. This duo helps:

  • Maintain fluid balance
  • Support nerve functions
  • Regulate muscle contractions

So, not only does Protein2O help refuel your muscles with protein, but it also aids in replenishing electrolytes lost during workouts.

Zero Sugar, Maximum Taste

Sugar might make things taste better, but it often comes with a host of health concerns. With Protein2O, you don't have to compromise. Despite having zero sugar, this protein-infused water boasts a taste profile that's truly unparalleled. No aftertastes, no unwanted additives—just pure, refreshing goodness in every sip.

Delightful Fruit Flavors

Bored of the monotonous taste of regular water? Protein2O Protein Drink brings an exciting twist to hydration with its array of delicious fruit flavors. Each flavor is meticulously crafted to ensure it captures the essence of the fruit while perfectly complementing the richness of whey protein. Whether you're a fan of tangy berries, tropical delights, or classic citruses, there's a Protein2O flavor waiting to tantalize your taste buds.

A Drink for Every Occasion

Whether you're wrapping up a high-intensity workout, venturing on a long hike, or simply seated at your office desk, Protein2O is your perfect companion. Its convenient packaging ensures you can easily toss it into your gym bag, backpack, or even your purse. Stay hydrated, stay nourished, and stay active with Protein2O Protein Drink.

Supplement Facts

1 servings per container
Serving size
1 Bottle (500mL)
Total Fat
Total Carb.
Total Sugars
Incl. 0g Added Sugars

Not a significant source of sat. fat, trans fat, cholest, fiber, vit D, calcium, and iron.


Water, Whey Protein Isolate (Milk), Erythritol, Natural Flavors, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Salt, Beta Carotene (Color), Monopotassium Phosphate, Reb A (Stevia Leaf Extract), Citric Acid.

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