How would you like to test supplements for free – in some cases, innovative new supplements that haven’t hit the market yet? Imagine being part of the success of a brand new product, or the continued success of an existing one! Imagine having a definite impact on a customer’s buying decision and that person’s ultimate success!

Now you can! Introducing IPYU Tester program! Read on for all the details and sign up below!

  • What is the IPYU Tester program?

    The IPYU Tester Program is an exciting new opportunity for qualified individuals that works like this: You’ll receive free supplements, thoroughly test them, and create a video review on YouTube or write a review on your blog/website, as well as make directional posts on Social Media outlets about your results and feedback from the supplements. The supplements you’ll be testing cover the complete range of products available on; from exciting brand new products to older, long-standing supplements.

  • What’s in it for us?

    Your honest feedback will help buyers make an informed, educated buying decision on reviewed products and bring new business to our site, as well as create awareness of new brands and new products that can be purchased at I’ The biggest factor of your involvement is spotlighting our company to your fans, friends, and followers; letting them know who we are, that they may purchase the product being reviewed at our store, and that they may purchase all their favorite bodybuilding and sports supplements on our site. Innovation is constant in the supplement industry and results and reviews with new products being released at a rapid pace; provide your followers, friends, and fans with up-to-date non-biased reviews on products, steering them to our online store for a low price cost.

  • How are IPYU Testers chosen?

    One of the goals of this program is to showcase the insight and knowledge of our most educated customers. Initially, Testers will be chosen based on how they fill out the application. Our staff then votes for who will be a product tester based on certain criteria. When products are available that match your criteria, and if you are chosen, you’ll be notified and the test product will be shipped to your home.

  • How do I sign up for the program?

    To apply, simply fill out the form below. The staff at will decide who will be an IPYU Tester and inform that person by email. You will then begin to receive products to be tested at no cost to you. Products are provided directly by the companies that have chosen to participate in our new program, in fact, these are not sample size products but full size, exactly as you would buy them.

  • Are IPYU Testers expected to write only positive reviews and postings?

    No, we are looking for honest feedback on all products that are tested. We expect well thought out, well-written reviews, and postings that are accurate reflections of your experience with the product.

    Without a doubt, writing a positive review has a lot of benefits to the product being tested but a negative review or posting can be every bit as useful and will not have any impact on a Testers ability to participate in the program in the future. We choose IPYU Testers based on how well they fit the criteria for a particular product- not on their review history, whether it’s mostly negative or not. Once someone is chosen to test a free product they are expected to submit a review and post within 30 days of receipt.

  • Do IPYU Testers receive products before they are released to the market?

    Sometimes, yes. Some companies will supply a new product to be tested as part of their marketing strategy. You may, in fact, be testing a brand new, cutting edge product that’s poised to shake up the marketplace!

  • Are the participating companies allowed to contact IPYU Testers?

    No, they are not. To ensure the integrity of the feedback, we do not want any outside influence on the review and postings of any supplement being tested. The point of this program is to be able to provide honest, accurate product feedback. As well, we respect and protect the privacy of all IPYU Testers.

  • Do you provide IPYU Testers with official logos to use when making a review or post?

    Yes! IPYU Testers can use our official logos when creating their reviews and posts.

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