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M-Stak is now more potent than ever, designed to overwhelm plateaus and push your body to new gains! Get bigger than ever before with Animal M-Stak!

SKU: 039442030283
  • Potent Non-Hormonal Mass Builder!
  • Increase Strength!
  • Cutting Edge Formula!

If you’re serious about your gains, you’ll consider trying almost anything to spark new growth. The last thing you want to do when it comes to making gains is to reach a standstill, you want to keep moving forward. What you need to propel new gains is the anabolic power of M-Stak – only from Universal; this is the product to get you growing again!

M-Stack is now more potent than ever, designed to overwhelm plateaus and push your body to new gains!

The newest M-Stak formula features anabolic flavones, researched proven compounds that have been shown to increase lean muscle and strength. M-Stak uses the most effective of these anabolic ingredients in proven dosages, allowing you to get the fastest results possible. The two primary flavones in M-Stak are Beta-Ecdysterone and Methoxyisoflavone. These two potent ingredients have several key functions - increase the use of nutrients for the development of new muscle and promote nitrogen retention along with protein synthesis - this is where growth happens!

M-Stak also includes a potent anti-catabolic amino complex that consists of two forms of leucine, along with carnitine, taurine, and the rest of the BCAAs. This is a potent amino complex that promotes protein synthesis – the growth of new muscle - and speeds recovery. As if that’s not enough, M-Stak includes potent insulin precursors that increase the production of insulin – one of the body’s major anabolic hormones. Efficient manipulation of insulin dramatically impacts muscle growth!

None of the powerful compounds in M-Stak mean a thing if they are not properly absorbed and M-Stak’s exclusive “M-Factor” complex was created to promote full nutrient absorption and utilization so your muscles can take 100% advantage of every muscle-building compound in this exciting formula.

Research indicated that combining flavones, sterones, proven anabolic amino and potent, state of the art adaptogens at effective dosages into one super-powerful, anabolic pack means that new Animal M-Stak takes non-hormonal muscle growth to unheard-of levels.

With new M-Stak –only from Universal - you will experience strength and mass increases – this is the stack you’ve been waiting for! Exceed your expectations and pick up a container today!


Serving Size: 1 Pack
Servings Per Container: 21

Amount Per Serving

Natural Flavone Complex – 750 mg
Ajuga Turkestancia Extract

Insulin Potentiating Complex – 500 mg
Banaba Leaf Extract
Cinnulin PF

Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex – 3000 mg
Leucine Ethyl Ester HCL

Anabolic Adaptogen Complex – 1000 mg
Muira Puama
Safed Musli
Rhodiola Rosea

M Factor Complex – 500 mg
Ginger Root

Energy Complex – 500 mg
Kola Nut

Other Ingredients:
Gelatine, dicalcium phosphate, whey, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate.

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Take one pak every day for 21 consecutive days. On training days, take pak 45 minutes prior to exercise. On non-training days, take pak in the morning or early afternoon. Cycle product for maximum results: three weeks on and one week off.


This product contains an extremely powerful flavone and phytoecdysterone complex which may greatly boost performance and muscle size. Please consult your physician before using this product. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women. If you are under a physician’s care for any reason, please consult your physician prior to use. Reduce or discontinue use if nervousness, tremors, sleeplessness, loss of appetite or nausea occur. Not for use by persons under 18. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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