Benefits of Anti-Estrogen Supplements

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Understand the benefits and side effects of anti-estrogen supplements before you use them. We have done the research for you! Knowledge = Gains.

Anti-estrogen supplements can be very helpful in post-cycle therapy. A cycle is defined as the time that you are taking prohormones. In the time after a cycle, the way to make sure your gains remain effective is to increase your natural testosterone production and lowering your estrogen level. This is where an anti-estrogen supplement comes into play.

“You should try to use prohoromones that have a low conversion to estrogen.”

Prohormones suppress the body’s natural production of hormones. When you finish a cycle your natural level of testosterone will be low. The body will attempt to stabilize its internal hormone balance. In doing this there will be an increase in estrogen production. Anti-estrogen supplements will halt this production. This leads to higher testosterone production, making it easier to keep your gains.Anti-estrogen supplements can also be used to fight bloat and gyno during your cycle. If you choose your prohormones carefully this shouldn’t be a problem but it is still a possibility. You should try to use prohoromones that have a low conversion to estrogen. If you do start seeing signs of bloat you should begin taking anti-estrogen supplements. It can also help combat gyno. Gynecomastia or gyno is a condition that causes puffy nipples and itchy breasts.. If those signs begin appearing you should begin an anti-estrogen supplement and visit a doctor if they get a few side effects to anti-estrogen worse. There are supplements. These are the same side effects that you can expect from increased testosterone production. The most common complaint is acne. However, this shows that the anti-estrogen supplement. Other users have reported an increase in sex drive.

Some people report that they use anti-estrogen supplements standalone to increase testosterone production. However this isn’t recommended because the side effects (usually acne) outweigh the benefits. In addition, the safety of taking anti-estrogen supplements for long terms is still in question.


Research is being done but right now the best idea is to take anti-estrogen as part of post cycle therapy.

Anti-estrogen supplements should be started right after a cycle in high doses.Each week the dosage should decrease.For example, after a 4-week cycle you could start taking anti-estrogen supplements at 600mg per day for the first week, 300mg for the second week and 100mg for the final week. The supplement needs to be taken only once daily.

Make sure you have everything you need for during and after your cycle before you begin including anti-estrogen supplements.

Remember that even if you take an anti-estrogen that you should still take one in your post-cycle therapy. Also keep in mind that the day after you take your last prohormone you should begin your post-cycle therapy.

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