Bicep Training

Almost all the bodybuilders are in love with their biceps and love to work them out. The reason is very narcissistic. Unless you're planning to walk around without a shirt the only body parts that you'll get to show off in full glory will be the biceps (don't do that in the winters though; even bodybuilders aren't immune to common cold.) Bulging biceps are the most apparent sign that you work out, so if you want to impress your friends without dropping your shirt, just do a little extra bicep training for a little while and then roll up those sleeves or wear a T-shirt.

The Complete Bicep Workout

If you workout everyday then you should workout your biceps for at least 2 of those days. If you workout only on alternative days, then once a week is enough and you can team up the workout with some other body part like your triceps.

The most effective exercise for the bicep training are curls – lifting weights with your hand up in an arc. However, you can do them in many different techniques to vary the effect and all around development. Here are some basic bicep training exercises:

Note: Do three sets of each exercise. Each set should have from 8-12 repetitions. Keep on adding weight with each set. If you're uncomfortable with heavy weights, then reduce the number of repetitions as you move to the next set.

Standard Dumbbell Curls

You can do this exercise sitting or standing. Take a dumbbell in each hand and your put hands to the side and the palms facing front. Keep your back straight and elbows tucked to the side. Now lift the forearm in an arc towards your shoulder. Remember not to swing your back. Concentrate on the biceps and make them do all the work. Lower slowly.



Hammer Curls

This is a variation of the standard bicep curls. In hammer curls, instead of facing front, the palms face inwards towards the side of your body. Now lift the dumbbells in a straight arc towards your shoulder and lower again. The movement is quite similar to the one made when you are hammering a nail, thus the name.

Preacher Curls

To do this exercise you'll need a preacher bench. The preacher bench is a special device that keeps your arms in front of you and straight as you lift a barbell. Its standard equipment is in every gym, so find it and use it. The preacher curls are very effective in developing a shapely set of biceps.



Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are a very good exercise for the biceps. They are done with each hand separately. Sit on the edge of a bench with your legs spread out wide. Your hand holding the dumbbell should be inside your legs, the elbow resting slightly on your thigh. Now lift the dumbbell in an arc towards your shoulder blade. If you do this right, you should feel a lot of pressure on the biceps.

Incline Curls

Lie down on an incline bench on your back and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should be hanging down by the sides of the incline bench. Now lift the dumbbells in an arc while keeping the hand up from the elbows firm.

Pulley Curls

Stand straight before the pulley and grip the bottom pulley bar. Your palms should face upwards. Keep your elbows neatly tucked by your sides and lift your forearms in a straight arc towards your chest. Don't swing your back and try to keep it straight if you can.

Barbell Curls

The barbell curls are quite similar to the standard dumbbell curls, but instead of using a dumbbell, you'll use a barbell. This exercise will have to be done standing up. There can be three kinds of grips in the barbell curls. In the close grip, both your hands are at the center of the bar. In the normal grip, the hands are placed at shoulder width, and in the wide grip, the hands are placed at double your shoulder width. Hold the barbells to your front and lift them up in a straight arc such that the bar touches your chest. Keep your back straight and avoid swinging your body. Your arms should do all the work.

Intensive Bicep Training

Bicep training will most likely be easier than training any other muscle group. That's because we use our arms so much and the muscles are used to being worked, even after an intense workout there is usually no soreness or it disappears quickly. Therefore, after training biceps you can scale a mountain or help your buddy move furniture, activities that you would not be able to do after training any other body parts. Try to use more weight then your use too and you'll be rewarded with good-looking biceps in no time.


Supersets are a great way to put on mass on your biceps quickly. You'll need a gym-buddy to do supersets, so don't try to do this alone. In a superset, you'll fill up the barbell with the heaviest weight you can possibly lift. Ask your buddy to watch over you as you try to lift the weight. You should not be able to lift more than 3-4 reps. Now, just as you do the last rep, your buddy should remove some weight from each side of the barbell (equal weight from each side) so that you can do some more reps. When you get tired, your buddy again removes some weights and you attempt to do more repetitions. Keep this on until you can lift no more or until your buddy has removed all the weights. This is an amazing technique for bicep training. It will add muscle like magic to your biceps.

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