Growth Hormone

Man has sought a means to extend life, turn around the ageing process, and live forever from the beginning of time. Scientists have observed that if theHuman Growth Hormonecould be maintained at its youthful levels, then the progression of aging will be delayed. The discovery of this hormone is the greatest advance in man's ability to turn back the clock.

America's most prominent health periodical, the New England Journal of Medicine, on July 5, 1990 printed a human medical study that altered the world of anti-aging drugs forever. The results of Daniel Rudman, MD and his colleagues' 6-month trial with synthetic Human Growth Hormone with 12 elderly men, aged 61 to 81, were made public.

Human Growth Hormone(HGH) supplements work with your body to tackle these fitness matters:
• Reduce fat, whilst lean muscle is augmented
• Enhance the appearance and texture of your skin
• Increase bone mass, and even reverse osteoporosis
• Power up your mind, and preserve memory even as you get older
•Improve your sex drive
• Enrich general physical and psychological welfare
• Sleep better
• Improve your disposition, and expel dejection and tiredness

HGH is a normal hormone created by the pituitary gland in the brain. This gland controls growth and cell reproduction in humans and other vertebrate animals. Lately, HGH has become available via shots, tablets and sprays to patients, amid assertions of improved muscle mass and decreases in body fat. HGH was initially developed to help unusually small children grow. Be sure to investigate the effects and potential risks of HGH before using it.

Growth hormone is also called somatropin, and it is aproteinof 191 amino acids. It is secreted into the blood by the somatrope cells of the anterior pituitary gland, in larger quantities than any other pituitary hormone. This secretion is controlled by peptides released by the hypothalamus. Although the balance of these peptides determines growth hormone release, this balance is in turn affected by factors such as sleep, exercise and diet.

It is tricky to transport vitalamino acidssafely through your stomach acids and into your bloodstream. By carrying stimulants directly to your pituitary gland, HGH supplements attempt to increase your body's manufacture of its own growth hormone. Supplements should be taken before bed because your pituitary gland works hardest in periods of deep slumber – so for any HGH product to be successful it should be in your bloodstream when your pituitary gland is doing its job.

Your body's master energy center, your pituitary, determines how you look and feel. Symptoms of aging, low energy and an accumulation of fat can be attributed to weak pituitary function. Enhancing pituitary productivity has been clinically demonstrated to reverse many such symptoms.

A lot of specialists believe that HGH supplementation has great potential for adult bodybuilders, particularly those aged over 30. The release of growth hormone declines as we age. Consequently, we experience more weariness, with less vigor and enthusiasm for life. Growth hormone treatment has been shown to decrease the effects of aging on our bodies and minds. HGH has an effect on nearly all cells in the body, prompting the restoration of hair, skin, muscle, bones and organs to their youthful levels.

The neuroendocrine theory is one of the main hypotheses of aging. This theory suggests that the signs of aging correspond with symptoms linked to the pausing of different organs. The quantifiable level of HGH in our bodies diminishes by 14% every 10 years into old age. Modern research proves that fit but aging adults can turn around the physical signs of aging by 15 years by supplementing HGH.

HGH acts on the liver and other tissues to fuel the manufacture of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which accounts for the effects of the hormone. About 20 years ago when the book Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw was published, the drive to popularize growth hormone began. Almost immediately following the publishing of the book, a lot of manufacturers of amino acid products declared that these products caused immediate weight loss by escalating the release of growth hormone. There are now dozens of sites advertising HGH in a puzzling jumble of products and claims.

The HGH trade is sadly huge, unfettered, and filled with dishonest characters. No more than 20-30 capable, genuine traders exist out of the over 300 companies marketing the product. Many vendors obscure their ingredients because their products have no growth hormone. Homeopathic sprays are the best way to deliver HGH to the bloodstream, so some marketers take their non-HGH containing tablets, crush them up, turn them to liquid and put them in a spray bottle.

How far can you expect to get as a middle-aged bodybuilder? It is clear that the hormones in charge of building a physically strong body will not be present in the same quantities as you get older. There are both practical and ethical issues with supplementing growth hormone. If you're a competitive bodybuilder, HGH is a forbidden substance. Plus it's a costly regimen that you have to hit with some meticulousness.

The effects of high HGH levels can be really remarkable. Regrettably the scientific progress has led to a flood of con artists. Luckily there are a few HGH enhancing products on the market that are safe and helpful. Most people have seen fantastic results after only 30 days of supplementation.

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