The Benefits of Chitosan

What is Chitosan you ask?

Chitosan is a polysaccharide that is found in various shells of crustaceans; namely marine life. Chitosan is resilient inside of the body, thus the body cannot assimilate it or break it down. Its byproduct is called “Chitin” a positive charged fiber derivative that can “dissolve fat while reducing the cholesterol at the same time”.Some people have referred to Chitosan as a fat magnet as that is the effect they want to allude to. Since Chitosan cannot be broken down any fats attached to it will automatically be eliminated. Currently Chitosan is still classified as a supplement under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines.

How is it broken down?

Chitosan is a complex-fiber compound created from the exoskeleton of shellfish such as shrimp, and crabs or other types of marine life. The shells are then crushed, crystallized and broken down. By nature once the Chitosan enters the body it has an ability to attach itself to fat and cholesterol in your stomach. It prevents the fat from attaching itself to your cells by binding itself to it and forcing your body to repel and eliminate unwanted fat. Thus Chitosan uses your body’s energy to perform these tasks and weight loss is achieved.

Chitosan is a shellfish byproduct, which means that if you are allergic to any type of shellfish or fish oils, stay as far away as possible. The facts that surround Chitosan is that it blocks the fat and limits assimilation into the blood are positive, however, the amount in which a normal individual would take during the course of one day would not have the increased effect that they might think should they increase the dosage. Although Chitosan has been championed to fight cancer, boost the immune system, help with ulcers and heal the kidneys as these facts are still under debate. Chitosan reduces cholesterol levels as well as regulates high blood pressure. It also produces a healing mechanism for poor skin and wounds that won’t heal.

How do I take it?

Chitosan is best used as a supplement with the meal to maximize fat absorption. Vitamin C also plays a role with Chitosan to enhance its overall effectiveness during breakdown and absorption. By taking 2 – 4 caplets before every meal your body will have the capacity to reduce your overall fat intake.

Pregnant women who are nursing or small children should not take Chitosan. If you are allergic to shellfish of any sort you should steer clear of this supplement.

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