The Facts About 1-AD Supplements

In the age of new drugs and supplements that can enhance your overall workout (whether you are a serious bodybuilder or not), 1-AD is a revolutionary powerful supplement to add to your exercise routine. Its ability to mimic itself to almost an exact replica of testosterone keeps it available for market in the eyes of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).Bodybuilders alike enjoy its ability to keep their workout levels at their peek performance for hours at a time.

1-AD or 1-androstene-3beta, 17beta-diol as it is known in the compound world is not a steroid, however it is a unique prohormone. It isn’t the exact version of natural testosterone produced in the body but a likeness called 1-testosterone. 1-testosterone under a microscope differs from actual testosterone by a double bond isomer. As a complex compound they are both different.1-testosterone is considered much more potent even passing the ranks of the popular anabolic steroid.

1-AD since it is a derivative of DHT, which cannot aromatize and alter itself into an estrogen. Its inability to metamorphose makes it far more unique to otherprohormonesavailable today. Almost all of the otherprohormoneshave this synthesize capability or the ability to change form into a compound that can. Thus, the side effects from 1-AD will be minimal including water retention and breast enlargement, a common complaint from weightlifters.

1-AD is taken 1 capsules, with each meal for a maximum intake of 3 capsules per day. The capsules should not be taken broken. Novice bodybuilders should start at one-two capsules per day and work their way up to the maximum daily allowance. Some of the side effects of 1-AD include acne, hair growth, hair loss, irritability and aggressive behavior. Should you develop skin rashes you should stop using 1-AD immediately.1-AD by design does not affect the liver like most steroidal products have in the past. However, these compound in 1-AD use the liver primarily to activate the compound and not actually absorb and assimilate it. 1-AD was found to be metabolic resistant, thus using the liver as a catalyst for activation and not assimilation.

1-AD is not intended athletes under the age of 21. 1-AD is not for pregnant women or for women who are breastfeeding. During usage should you experience a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision or other disorienting conditions you should contact a physician immediately. 1-AD has been known to increase urination and some discomfort may persist. It is advised to drink extra water to keep these symptoms at a minimum.

Other effects that some 1-AD users have experienced include a reduced libido, upset stomach and annoying gas pains. It is often stacked with 4-AD. To replace libido some athletes employ 6-OXO as part of the stack as well.

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