The Facts About 4-Androstenediol

Whether you are a novice or experienced body builder there are several supplements that can help boost your testosterone levels 100 percent giving you the power you need to build muscles you desire.Testosterone has been a key element in the increase the size of muscle mass as well as overall strength.4-Androstenediol, 4-AD, or 4-androstene-3-beta, 17-beta-diol supplements keep you at your peek workout levels for two solid hours. During these hours your body runs at full steam for max performance that only 4-Androstenediol supplements can supply.4-AD is classified as aprohormoneand the closest assimilation to natural testosterone on the market today.

By taking 4-Androstenediol supplements 30-60 minutes before your normal workout schedule your body will begin to feel its power kick in from the onset. During any weight training your goal may be to achieve complete muscle failure. Your body’s reaction will in turn help speed in its recovery quickly thus continuously developing the overall mass and size of your muscles. Your body will be able to reproduce red-blood cells in greater mass and improve its overall stamina level during long workouts. 4-Androstenediol or “Androidol” as it is commonly known is reformed into testosterone in the liver by way of an agitated process. It is then metabolized and absorbed by a different biochemical catalyst.

Some bodybuilding experts have combined the usage of both 4-Androstenediol and 19-Norandrostenediol and rotated a schedule of both 4-Androstenediol and 5-Androstenediol for a maximum effect while keeping 19-Norandrostenediol at a constant. 19-Norandrostenediol is a hormone booster that helps aid in the performance boost during a regular workout. Both 4-AD and 19-ND work well to breakdown into the liver and deliver the jolt of energy necessary to keep workout energy at peak levels.4-Androstenediol is not considered a steroid and the highest-level supplement available on the testosterone market.

Since it is an enhanced variant of testosterone, touted by some as the closest thing to steroids available, it was designed mainly for men it is not intended for women. Some of its side effects are: baldness, oily skin, acne, and enlargement of the prostate and body hair growth. A daily does of 50 – 100mg should be taken daily with a large meal. 4-AD can be stacked and enhanced with Norandrostene or 19-Norandrostenediol for a better overall effect. Users of both in combination have felt they had achieved a better workout and overall recovery. Usually athletes will take Saw Palmetto to reduce some of the unwanted side effects that 4-Androstenediol can produce.

All novice weightlifters should start at smaller dosages and work their way up to the daily recommended allotment. 4-Androstenediol should be kept out of reach of children. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) classifies 4-AD as a dietary supplement.

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