The Truth about DHEA

"DHEA" or "Dehydroepiandrosterone" is a hormone that is produced and regulated by the adrenal gland. It regulates the production of testosterone and estrogen as well as other hormones. Prasterone and DHEA Sulfate are other aliases this product assumes.

How Is DHEA Created?

Labeled a dietary supplement, DHEA , is manufactured from chemicals found in vegetables; namely soybeans and yams. Although, the product synthesized as a derivative of these plants, individuals cannot gain the direct benefits from DHEA by eating these foods.

The body uses DHEA by converting it into Androstenedione, which acts like an athletic enhancement supplement. During our late teens until the mid 30’s are our body produces these hormones at peak levels. Eventually, these levels of slide downwards until subsiding down to low levels in the 70’s and 80’s.

Products containing DHEA often suggest that can boost the immune system, enhance long-term memory and increase muscle mass. Although studies have produced promising results in animals, there has been no verification that these results will occur in humans

The Benefits of DHEA

Although the FDA has not been able to medically proved DHEA to work, some patients who have Lupus or SLE (Systemic Lupus Erthematosis) have found the supplement helpful and offset its side effects. The vast amounts of those afflicted are women who suffer from adrenal failure. DHEA could help improve the overall mood and bone density when used in tandem with hormone replacement therapies. DHEA may also help prevent as well as provide a treatment for osteoporosis in women after menopause.

Some evidence suggest that DHEA may increase sexual dysfunction in women over the age of 65 and possibly improve erectile dysfunction (ED) in men that have low-levels of this hormone in their bodies. Other benefits of using DHEA are that it can mollify the effects of depression as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. DHEA and its ability to stimulate testosterone make it a sports enhancement drug in the eyes of the Olympic Committee as well as the National Basketball Association (NBA).

How is DHEA taken?

Studies show that if the supplement is taken between 50-100mg of DHEA per day increased muscle mass and the overall health of the individual over the age of 65. Though most individuals take DHEA as supplements little evidence is supported to verify its claim to increase muscle mass. Most users do state that their overall health and mental well being greatly improve with its usage.

Many professional trainers would point you towards other Andro products to gain muscle mass and fat reduction. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has classified DHEA as a dietary supplement.

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