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Is it possible to do a 10 minute workout that will hit every major muscle group in your body, arms, legs, chest, core, back and shoulders. Can you also get your cardio in as well?

A 10 minute workout? In a way, the question seems to have a lot of what I call ‘infomercial thinking’ attached to it. It almost sounds like a “miracle” routine would take care of everything in only 10 minutes.

But the amazing part about it is that it is true. You can get results from a 10 minute workout. You CAN get a fantastic workout in, and do it in 10 minutes, if you do it correctly. And while there are many ways to accomplish this, here is one good example.

The 10 Minute Workout – Bodyweight Routine

You can refer to this as the ‘45’ workout, the ‘55’ workout, or the ‘66’ workout. It will be dependent upon how many reps you end up doing. But for this example, let’s stick with the ‘55’ workout.

Your workout will consist of just two exercises…push ups and bodyweight squats. First, you will perform 10 pushups. Then, with no break, immediately stand up and do 10 squats, bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. You will then do 9 push ups followed by 9 squats…and so on and so on until you reach the final pushup and squat.


Here’s the breakdown of your 10 minute workout. Starting at 10 pushups and squats, you will have performed 55 repetitions of each. If you started at 11 then you will have performed 66, and so on.

Try and take as small of a break as possible between sets. Trust me, you will probably need a break the first time you do this. Why? Because your lungs will be screaming for oxygen!

The benefits of this 10 minute workout and this exercise are many.

  • First of all, you need absolutely no equipment or gym to do it. You can do this 10 minute routine anywhere.
  • From a strength training perspective, by doing the push ups you are working your arms, chest, shoulders, upper back and your core muscles in your abdomen by holding the pushup position. And the squat provides you with a lower body workout.

You can do it anywhere!

Now, if you are starting out, start slow…even if it is the ‘6’ workout [3 pushups, 3 squats, 2, 2, 1, 1] but if you are looking to combine strength training and cardiovascular conditioning into one workout that takes 10 minutes, give this a shot. You will be glad you did.

By Tony Rovere

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