Best Supplements For Fat Loss

“How can I lose my belly?”
“What do I need to do to get my abs to show?”
“I can’t seem to lose that little bit of fat around my navel – what can I do?”
The subject of fat loss spawns more questions than any other. You need some fats. Don’t let your fat intake drop below 15 to 20%, no matter what you do to diet.

There are a number of products and supplements on the market that promise weight loss. Some work and some don’t, and some give you unbelievable results. Some products will work for one group of people and not for another. Fitness and subsequent fat-loss is a three-edged sword: weight training, aerobics, and nutrition. One is not more important than the other.

Tips For Beginning Fat Loss

1. Take decisive action
2. Walking is a fantastic way for a beginner to commence a cardio program
3. Concentrate on basics first – don’t get bogged down with details
4. Know your calories
5. Make fitness a way of life, and never, ever give it up
6. Get a personal trainer, coach or adviser
7. Become a member of a fitness center if you can, but a set of dumbbells are more than enough to get you started
8. Weight training is not optional – it’s mandatory!

Before we get into what supplements can help you with fat loss, keep in mind that you have to do some kind of cardio exercise since you must always burn more calories than you consume in order to get good results. Also, remember that good nutrition also plays a very important role. That said, here are some excellent supplements for fat loss:
1. Ephedrine/Caffeine/Aspirin (E/C/A Stack)
2. Guggul
6. Hydroxycitric acid
7.Soy protein

You can easily develop a case of “information overload” trying to work out which fat loss supplements are best for you, with so many to choose from. There are several different types of weight loss supplements including the following:
• All-in-one thermogenic
• Ephedra-free fat burners with caffeine
• Stimulant-free fat burners
• Carb blockers
• Fat blockers
•Thyroid hormone increasers
• Transdermal fat loss gels

Fat Loss Combos

The products: Cytodyne NRG Xenadrine and Syntrax Guggulbolic Extreme
Why it works: Xenadrine NRG provides a constant supply of energy-promoting herbs and amino acids that sustain your body’s natural fat-burning capacity. Guggulbolic has been shown in studies to radically boost the rate of fat loss by increasing thyroid hormone levels.

The Products: Cytodyne Taraxatone and ANSI Thermo Hydroxadrine Ephedrine-Free
Why it works: Cytodyne Taraxatone is a great diuretic, and Thermo Hydroxadrine EF is one of the most effective fat burners ever developed.

The products: MaHuang, Guarana or Kola, and White Willow
Why it works: the items in this combination have been studied more than any other natural ingredients and have time and again demonstrated their effectiveness for promoting thermogenesis.

Important Tools For Burning Fat

One approach to reducing body fat entails increasing the conversion of fat to heat. Certain tea extracts have compounds called catechins (such as green tea and Oolong tea), which, along with caffeine, burn fat for energy. The problem is the dosage used in most of the research studies where people lost appreciable weight was very high: 1600 mg a day. Still, it’s fairly effective in smaller doses of 50-200 mg a day. As crazy as it sounds, calcium also promotes fat loss. Animal studies have demonstrated a reduction in body fat by 26 to 39 percent from higher calcium diets.

InStone is action megastar Sylvester Stallone’s line of performance supplements. InStone’s fat burner offering is called LeanFire, and it contains a combination of green tea and caffeine. One word of caution … there is a LOT of caffeine in this product. The good news is that a serving size is 3 capsules and that by cutting back the dosage to a single capsule, you can effectively judge your tolerance for this product, and thus reduce the probability of caffeine-induced side effects.

Triax or Triacana is a drug originally from Europe called Triac. It is a rapidly metabolized form of the T-3 hormone, which is produced by the thyroid gland. In the 1970’s the use of this supplement spread like wildfire in fitness centers across the country because of its capacity to speed up metabolism. With Triacana, even in the offseason you can increase your food intake and put on muscle without additional fat. This is possible because Triac causes the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormone, putting the body in a hypermetabolic state.

Reduce Cortisol to Burn Fat

Cortisol is an anxiety hormone manufactured by the adrenal glands, which when produced in excess, decreases muscle mass and helps in depositing body fat. Here are some cortisol reducing strategies:
1. Take your Vitamin C
2. Take Glutamine
3. Take Phosphatidylserine
4. Reduce stress
5. Don’t train for more than one hour with weights
6. Don’t overdo cardio
7. Get eight hours of sleep every night

Finally, don’t forget that you should never lower your fat consumption from food too much. If you don’t eat enough fat, your body begins to cling to its fat stores and will eventually go into starvation mode. So go ahead and give your body a little fat. Essential fatty acids are more than valuable in your diet to help you lose weight effectively.

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