Brand Spotlight: Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition


Who Is 5% Nutrition?

Originally, 5% Nutrition was the company founded in 2014 by the legendary Rich Piana, a larger-than-life hardcore bodybuilder, and entrepreneur. Rich had very outspoken ideas about nutrition and supplements. For example, Rich did not believe in whey protein powder. He believed in real food first and foremost. That’s a unique philosophy to start a supplement company with!


Sadly, Rich passed away in 2017. Taking a page from the Rich Piana playbook, 5% regrouped and pushed forward. They continue to make innovative products that fit the belief system of Rich Piana. (1)


What Kind Of Products Does 5% Nutrition Carry?

When 5% first began, Rich was insistent on the idea of real food. Therefore, 5% was one of, if not the first company to create a powder based on real food sources of carbohydrates. This product was originally called, yep, you guessed it, Real Food. Ultimately, this became Real Carbs. It’s not a “designer carbohydrate”, it’s a meal in a glass. (2)


Of course, Rich also created pre-workouts (Kill It, 5150, Full As F*ck), and their flagship BCAA/EAA product, All Day You May. 5% also had their 5-gallon Jug, and Rich was often seen sipping his innovative amino formula, All Day You May, all day long.


Perhaps one of his more advanced formulas is Drink Sleep Grow. This is a nighttime amino and sleep aid. It is one of the very few products that contain Active TR L-Leucine. This is an underrated and under-used form of leucine that releases over 6-8 hours, consistently promoting protein synthesis. Few people (and companies) seem to understand the power of this ingredient. However, Rich did. 


Did Rich ever release a protein powder? Not like you might think. Egg White Crystals are one of the early products Rich released. It’s real egg whites, and yes, you can make up an omelet or scrambled eggs with it. 


They also have Real Carbs + Protein, which is of course 100% whole food sourced. Finally, there’s Shake Time, a whole-food-based protein powder. 


Visit 5% Nutrition Supplements | Brands | I’ll Pump You Up ( to see more great 5% products.


What Are 5% Nutrition’s Best Products?

On, the best-selling products are All Day You May, Liver and Organ Defender, an advanced organ health and well-being formula, Crea-TEN, Rich’s exclusive take on creatine, Full As F*ck, Rich’s powerful pump formula, and 5150, his extreme stim pre-workout. 


We also carry 5%’s new Core line, yet another innovative line of products. When other companies make a “Core” line, it’s almost always single-ingredient formulas. 5% has taken that idea a step farther. Core products feature one key ingredient and one or two supporting ingredients. This means you can get more out of 5% Core. 


Good examples include Core D-Aspartic Acid and Core KSM-66. 

5%’s latest product is the innovative Snack Time. This is a combination of egg white protein and peanut butter in a convenient single-serving squeeze pouch. Easy to carry, easy to use, and it tastes great!

Their latest product is the innovative Snack Time. This is a combination of egg white protein and peanut butter in a convenient single-serving squeeze pouch.


Sample 5% Nutrition Stacks

Here are a few great Stacks. 


The 5% Pre-Workout Stack

This includes:


All Day You May


Full As F*ck

Kill It Reloaded – A high-powered, advanced pre-workout.


See it here: 5% Nutrition Pre-Workout Stack – I’ll Pump You Up (


Add: Shake Time – Protein powder is a foundational product. Shake Time provides 25g of protein per serving from HydroBEEF Hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate, Chicken Protein, and Whole Egg. 


See it here: 5% Nutrition Shake Time No Whey Real Food Protein – I’ll Pump You Up (

The 5% Muscle Builder Stack

This includes: 


Freak Show – A glucose disposal agent. Use excess carbs where they are needed most – your muscles!

Post Gear – A PCT for post-prohormone use. Not using prohormones? Use it as a potent test booster.

Bigger By The Day – A laxogenin and epicatechin natural muscle builder.


See it here: 5% Nutrition Muscle Builder Stack – I’ll Pump You Up (


Add: Shake Time

The 5% Nighttime Recovery Stack

In this one, you’ll find:


Real Carbs – A whole-food-based complex carb powder.

Drink Sleep Grow – As noted, this is a potent nighttime sleep aid and anabolic.

Knocked The F*ck Out – Or, if you feel two natural sleep aids may be one too many, you can substitute Shake Time. Stay anabolic 24/7!


See it here: 5% Nutrition Nighttime Recovery Stack – I’ll Pump You Up (



Undoubtedly, Rich Piana paved the way for continued innovation in the supplement industry. His belief in real food first, his disdain for the same old, same old whey protein powder, and his take on amino acid formulas set this company apart. 


Even after Rich’s untimely and tragic passing, 5% Nutrition continues to move forward, always with the spirit of Rich Piana close by. 


Get all your 5% Nutrition supplements here: 5% Nutrition Supplements | Brands | I’ll Pump You Up (


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