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When you think of 5% Nutrition, you probably think of Rich Piana first and their supplements second. Rich founded 5% Nutrition, and they have since become one of the biggest brands in the business. Rich believed that only 5% of all bodybuilders/athletes and people, in general, had what it takes to meet and exceed their goals. To this end, there are countless “5%ers” that follow Rich’s inspiration. In this brand spotlight, we will take a look at their current product lineup. Ready? Let’s go!

Who Is 5% Nutrition?

As noted, Rich Piana founded 5% Nutrition and ran it up until his untimely passing in 2017. Currently, it is successfully run by several individuals that truly understood Rich, and understand the business. 5% has carried on making supplements Rich would be proud of. They carry a complete line of products and accessories, including apparel, shakers, and other necessities. 

Who Was Rich Piana?

As mentioned, Rich had specific beliefs. One of these was his view of “5%”. The other was his outspoken, honest, and motivating style. He told it like it was, and he didn’t mince words. Rich was honest about his bodybuilding philosophy and steroid use. Also, he was adamant that real food always came first, and supplements (even his own) came second. 


Rich did not compromise. His “functional foods” products were whole-food sourced. There are now several protein products in the 5% line-up. They are true to Rich and his beliefs. He was not fond of whey protein powder. That’s why you will find all current 5% protein supplements use real food sources of protein. One product, the classic Egg White Crystals, can be used just like real eggs. 


Rich was also famous for his no-BS videos. There were several. It should also be said that he was a very successful entrepreneur. He did well in the stock market and he successfully invested in real estate. He did quite a few commercials and had several acting roles. Of course, he founded 5% Nutrition and made it a successful company. (1, 2)

It’s interesting to note that while he competed in and won numerous bodybuilding contests, he was not a pro. Yet his popularity rivaled that of many pros. 

What Kind Of Products Does 5% Carry?

As I pointed out earlier, they carry a complete line, which includes several pre-workouts and protein products. Many companies live or die by their pre-workout. 5% has the original Kill It, a good entry-level Pre. Kill It features 250mg of caffeine and a 1.5g creatine blend. 


Next up is Kill It Reloaded. This impressive Pre features full disclosure labeling, 325mg of caffeine, and a 2.5g creatine blend. 


Finally, there’s the insane 5150. This powerful Pre features a 505mg blend of total caffeine (wow!). Of this 505mg, there is 400mg of active caffeine. Plus, there are several other stims and focus enhancers. You’ll want to add 5%’s insane pump enhancer, Full As F*ck to get a complete pre-workout effect. 


They also offer natural muscle builders, which include two creatine products (Crea-TEN and Core Creatine Monohydrate). Also included in this category are the hot Turkesterone 1200, brand new TEST testosterone booster, and Freak Show, a glucose disposal agent. 


Perhaps the most innovative product, one that goes back to Rich’s days, is Drink Sleep Grow. This is a nighttime amino drink that will help you sleep. It will also stimulate protein synthesis. That’s because it contains a 6g BCAA complex. This complex features state-of-the-art Active TR™ L-Leucine. This is a timed release leucine that promotes protein synthesis for hours. Impressive, right?


5% also sells various keto diet supplements, nighttime sleep aids, health and wellness products, and fat loss products. 

5% Nutrition Stacks

Here’s some of the best 5% stacks available. 

5% Eat Dirty Train Dirty Stack

This exceptional stack includes:


Kill It Pre-Workout – This is 5%’s first pre-workout. It’s a moderate caffeine Pre with a balanced formula that includes creatine.

Full As F*ck – This is an insane pump enhancer.

ADYM – The legendary amino acid formula with 6g BCAAs.

Real Carbs – Originally called Real Food, this is a whole food source of carbohydrates.

Real Carbs + Protein – This combines the whole food sources of carbs with whole food sources of protein. As noted, Rich Piana believed in real food first. He was one of the first to take this philosophy to his supplements. 


See it here: 5% Nutrition Eat Dirty Train Dirty Stack – I’ll Pump You Up (


5% Muscle Builder Stack

This powerful stack includes:


Freak Show – As noted, this is a glucose disposal agent, also known as an insulin mimicker. It helps your body use excess carbs for muscle growth.

Post Gear – Have you just finished a prohormone cycle? Post Gear is your go-to PCT.

Bigger By The Day – The classic 5% natural muscle builder.


See it here: 5% Nutrition Muscle Builder Stack – I’ll Pump You Up (


5% Nighttime Recovery Stack

This stack comes with:


Real Carbs – This classic product features whole food sources of complex carbohydrates.

Knocked The F*ck Out – A natural nighttime sleep aid.

Drink Sleep Grow – This revolutionary product also contains natural sleep aids. As we have seen, it features the branded ingredient Active TR™ L-Leucine. This is timed release leucine for optimal protein synthesis stimulation while you sleep. 


See it here: 5% Nutrition Nighttime Recovery Stack – I’ll Pump You Up (


5% Pre-Workout Stack

This stack comes with:


ADYM – The standard in the industry!

Kill It Reloaded – With 325 mg caffeine, this is a potent yet balanced pre-workout.

Full As F*ck – Here we have a monster pump enhancer. Get ready to explode!

Crea-TEN – The classic 5% supplement with 10 types of creatine! Since creatine is the original cell-volumizer, it will work with Full As F*ck to blow your muscles up to insane proportions. 


See it here: 5% Nutrition Pre-Workout Stack – I’ll Pump You Up (


For 5% Nutrition, visit 5% Nutrition Supplements | Brands | I’ll Pump You Up (


For all your supplement needs, visit Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (



Of all the brands you can find on Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (, 5% Nutrition has some of the best and most exciting supplements. From pre-workouts to exclusive protein products to gear and apparel, 5% has it all. If you’re a 5%er, stop by the site and stock up today!



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