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Das Labs Pre-Workout Stack

First of all, is it DAS Labs or is it Bucked Up? You will see the name of the company on many websites, ours included, as DAS Labs. Yet look at their products, and you will see the name as Bucked Up. So which one is it? The answer is not clear. Go to their website, and you will be hard-pressed to find many mentions of the name DAS Labs. Yet, you just have to look around a little. There is at least one mention of DAS Labs in their “About Us” section. Plus, if you visit their social media, you will see more mention of the name DAS Labs. It’s almost like DAS Labs is the parent company, and Bucked Up is its primary division. 

Who Is DAS Labs/Bucked Up?

Interestingly, the name DAS Labs makes sense. DAS stands for, of course, Deer Antler Spray. This was the first product manufactured and sold by Ryan Gardner, the owner and CEO of Bucked Up. The company also includes his twin brother, founder Jeff Gardner.

It was after Deer Antler Spray became a hot seller that Ryan decided to create a pre-workout. 


This pre-workout was called, you guessed it, Bucked Up. It’s a simple formula, and yes, it contains Deer Antler Spray. It’s also fully disclosed and fairly reasonably dosed. For many users, that means it’s dosed a little light. Advanced users will want to double-scoop this product. 


From there, they have dramatically expanded their product line. In fact, they have a wide range of products. 

What Kind Of Products Does Bucked Up Carry?

For starters, this company is well-known for its Deer Antler Spray. As well, they carry numerous incarnations of their Bucked Up pre-workout. This includes both high-stim and stim-free products. They also carry a Greens product, protein, EAAs/BCAAs, and apparel. On DAS Labs – I’ll Pump You Up (, we have 26 DAS Labs products. Want more? Visit their website and you will see that the product lineup is extensive. 


What Are Their Best Products?

No doubt the most popular product in the lineup is their Bucked Up Pre-Workout. Other popular products include WOKE AF and BAMF. These are pre-workouts, and there are “Black” versions as well.


Other popular products include, of course, Deer Antler Spray. From there, Bucked Up has a unique product called All Bulk, No Bloat. This popular product is a natural muscle builder consisting of creatine, glutamine, HMB, and betaine. Plus, there are an additional 7 ingredients including HICA and phosphatidic acid. 


All Bulk, No Bloat is clinically dosed and fully disclosed. The next time you need a natural muscle builder, you might want to go with this one! Check it out here: DAS Labs Bucked UP All Bulk No Bloat – I’ll Pump You Up (


Sample Bucked Up Stack

Here are three stack ideas that use the best products DAS Labs/Bucked Up has to offer. 

The Bucked Up/Deer Antler Stack

Bucked Up Pre-Workout – This is the main flagship product of this company. Most likely it’s the only pre-workout on the market that contains deer antler. 

Deer Antler Spray – This is their other flagship product. Deer Antler is believed to be very nutrient dense and supports power output as well as strength. It may also have hormonal benefits, but there needs to be more research.

The Mass Stack

Unless noted, all these products are DAS Labs/Bucked Up products.

Bucked Up Pre-Workout – You have the option to choose one of the other Bucked Up pre-workouts. 

Deer Antler Spray – Even though this is already in their pre-workouts, studies have been done using quite a more than these two doses combined (one study used 1.5g). (2) 

The exact dose is undetermined because they are using a 1g prop blend. Deer Antler is first on the list, but that 1g has to cover 7 total ingredients. 

PUMP-Ocalypse – Use it with Bucked Up for insane pumps! You will experience both water-based and nitric oxide pumps with this product.

All Bulk, No Bloat – As mentioned above, this is a very impressive natural muscle builder. 

Keto Protein – At 17g, the protein content is a little light. Also, with 22g of fat, it’s definitely keto. Yet, it’s naturally flavored and sweetened. It also features whey protein isolate first, and whey protein concentrate second. If you are not a serious keto dieter, switch to the protein powder of your choice. 


RUT Testosterone Booster – This simple formula centers around KSM-66 ashwagandha and tribulus. If you want a test booster with more of a kick, go with Spazmatic Supplements Just Test Me


EAAs/BCAAs – Essential for protein synthesis. I suggest 5% Nutrition All Day You May


The Fat Loss Stack

Bucked Up Pre-Workout

Deer Antler Spray

Keto Protein

Heat Hardcore – This is a potent thermogenic powder. Depending on your diet approach, feel free to add keto products to your fat loss plan. 


Visit Keto-Diet – I’ll Pump You Up ( for ideas. 


The Cognitive Stack

Bucked Up Pre-Workout – Choose whichever version you prefer.

Deer Antler Spray – Always when using DAS Labs/Bucked Up products!

Chill, No Chill – This is an innovative cognitive enhancer with two specific formulas. One is the A.M formula, with caffeine, lion’s mane, and tyrosine, to name a few. The other is the P.M. formula, with reishi mushroom, ginger, lemon balm, and other relaxants. 


Add any additional products you want. Use this in combination with your Fat Loss Stack, or your Mass Stack. 


Find all your DAS Labs/Bucked Up supplements here: DAS Labs – I’ll Pump You Up (


For all your supplement needs, visit Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (



Despite the awkward and confusing company names, Bucked Up makes an impressive line of products. They are one of the top brands in the business, and their Bucked Up Pre-Workout is one of the best-selling powders on the market. If you haven’t decided on a company’s products to use yet, Bucked Up is the place to start!



  1. Ryan Gardner founded Bucked Up in 2013
  2. Sleivert, G., Burke, V., Palmer, C., Walmsley, A., Gerrard, D., Haines, S., & Littlejohn, R. (2003). The effects of deer antler velvet extract or powder supplementation on aerobic power, erythropoiesis, and muscular strength and endurance characteristics. International journal of sports nutrition and exercise metabolism, 13(3), 251–265.


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