Brand Spotlight: Optimum Nutrition

optimum nutrition 100% whey blend

Brand Spotlight: Optimum Nutrition

Who hasn’t heard of Optimum Nutrition? Here’s a brand that’s easily one of the top brands in the industry. They’ve been around for a long time, and you can find their products virtually anywhere. That’s one of their hallmarks: accessibility. Known mainly for its protein powder, this article will look at Optimum’s history and current product lineup. Let’s check them out!

Who Is Optimum Nutrition?

Optimum Nutrition is currently owned by Glanbia, a company that also owns such elite brands as Isopure, Think high protein bars, SlimFast, and BSN. To say Glanbia is a major sports nutrition player is an understatement! 

Optimum themselves have been around since 1986. Their Gold Standard protein powders have consistently been one of the top sellers since its introduction. They manufacture their own products in a state-of-the-art facility right here in the USA.

What Kind Of Products Do They Carry?

As noted, Optimum Nutrition is known for their protein powders. They were one of the first brands to carry amino acid tablets. They also carry creatine powder and capsules, and high protein bars.


Perhaps one of their most popular products is Amino Energy, which comes in various options. The basic formula provides a 100mg shot of caffeine with 5g of amino acids. Other versions include added electrolytes, or added collagen. 


Overall, Optimum is a simple company with a simple range of fundamental products. Many users come to Optimum Nutrition for the basics. Perhaps other companies create more innovative products, but Optimum has the reputation of Gold Standard protein powder, and their Amino Energy line. 

What Are Their Best Products?

On, the best-selling products are – no surprise here – Optimum Gold Standard Whey, Amino Energy, their excellent Opti-Men (or Women) multi, and micronized Creatine Monohydrate. 

Sample Optimum Nutrition Stack

Interestingly, Optimum Nutrition does not promote stacks on their website. Even so, it’s easy to put together a few basic stack ideas.

The Optimum Nutrition Basics Stack

This should include:


Gold Standard 100% Whey – Fast digesting for morning and post-workout use. 

Gold Standard 100% Casein – Use before bed and to help you get through a long day where meals are difficult to sit down to. For example: at work or school. Some people have busy schedules and may not be able to eat a whole food meal. In this case, a slow digesting casein shake is ideal.

Opti-Men or Women – A good multi is essential to health and well-being.


Options For Mass

Add to the Basic Stack:

Creatine – Whether you choose powder or pills, this is a mainstay product.

BCAA – Again, you have the option of pills or powder. Essential for protein synthesis. 

Amino Energy + Electrolytes – Here’s a great choice for quick energy and aminos. Never mind the coffee, start your day with Amino Energy! Use it as an afternoon pick-me-up, or even before a workout. 


See the entire line here: Optimum Nutrition – I’ll Pump You Up (


Optimum Nutrition is a classic name in the business. They are the brand to come to if you want whey, casein, or plant protein powder. They’re also the brand if you need creatine, BCAAs, or some delicious high protein snacks. Take the time to check them out, and while you’re visiting Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (, check out the entire site! You’ll find all the supplements you’re looking for!


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