Building Huge Pecs

So you want to make your pectoral muscles so big that your shirt can’t hide them? Can’t blame you. Everybody loves to see a big, wide chest on a man. It’s a symbol of power and strength, and yeah, girls love it too.

There are a number of excellent exercises that help you in building huge pecs and give you the big-build look that you want. Do them with dedication and regularity and soon just a look at you will be enough to put people in awe of you. You can get started on building huge pecs after reading through this article. We have listed all the exercises you need to do for building huge pecs, so go ahead.

The Pectorals Workout

The pecs are considered a big muscle group. If you work out every day, then work on them at least twice a week. You can combine them with a smaller muscle group like the triceps. Combinations will be indispensable to you if you work out only three times a week.

The basic prescription for developing a good chest is doing 5 different exercises for the pecs in a day. Do 3 sets of each exercise, and each set should have 10-15 reps. Start each set with relatively lighter weights and add as you move to the next set in the sequence. You can lower the number of reps if you find it difficult to do the same number of reps with heavier weights.

Do A Set Till Failure

If you’re adventurous, then do a few sets till failure. When you do a set until failure, you set no upper limit on the number of reps that you’ll do. Instead, you continue your reps as long as you have the strength to lift them and give up only when you are so overcome with a strain that you can’t do another rep. Building huge pecs take time and a lot of effort, but you sure aren’t one of those to shy away from hard work.

This is a very intense way for building huge pecs. This exercise will add muscle quickly to your pecs. However, a note of warning here: it’s also a bit dangerous. You can find yourself in a heap of trouble if you overestimate your strength, you may find yourself out of strength when you bring the weight down, and may not have any gas left to lift it again. Crushing your windpipe with a big barbell is a very bad way to go. So when you’re exercising until failure, make sure there are people around who can help you in case you need it. Better still, make a gym buddy and have him help you as you do your reps.

Exercises For The Pectoral Muscles

Barbell Bench press

This is the most popular exercise to build up the pectoral muscles. Lie down on your back on the bench-press bench, and grip the bar with both hands, at shoulder width. Now keep your forearms straight as you bring down the bar to your chest. Lift it back again. This is one rep. Remember to do each rep slowly, and concentrate on your chest.

Incline bench barbell press

This is a great exercise for the upper chest area. Lie down on your back on the inclined bench and grip a wide barbell at shoulder width. Now bring it slowly to your shoulder blades and back up. Do this slow, and keep your chest wide and inflated.

Decline bench barbell press

This exercise is for developing the lower pecs. Lie down on the decline bench and grab the barbell at shoulder width. Bring the bar slowly to your chest and lift it upwards, slightly towards the abdomen. Keep your palms facing your legs.

Dumbbell flies

Lie down on the bench and grip a dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should be slightly bent at the elbows and extended in an upward direction. Now lower the dumbbells by widening your arms. The entire arms should move in one swinging motion, without any flexing of the elbows. The dumbbell flies are an important exercise for the chest area and can be done on a flat bench, incline bench or decline bench. They have a similar effect to a barbell press.


To do this exercise you’ll need the butterfly machine. The butterfly machine will support your back as you grip the sidebars, bring them close in front of your chest and back again. This is a basic exercise for the pectorals and really good if you’re just starting out.


Hold the dipping bars with your palms facing each other. Now lift yourself until your hands are straight. Go back down until your arms are bent at the elbows almost at a 90-degree angle. Keep your upper body hunched a little forward for better impact.


This is a slightly difficult but intense technique. Lie on the bench just on your upper back (sideways), your lower back should be straight, supported by your legs which should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Grasp one dumbbell with both hands just below the dumbbell plate. Keep your hands close together. Now lower the dumbbells over your head, and bring it back up to your chest. Keep your elbows bent at a 15-degree angle.


Pushups are very popular because you can do them almost anywhere. Go face down on the ground with both your arms in front of you at shoulder level. Keep your legs straight and close together. Now raise yourself on your arms, and go back again. This is one rep. Pushups are good not only for your chest, but also for your back and triceps.

Now go ahead and do some serious exercise. Building huge pecs takes a lot of time and sweat, but you know what you get in return, an enormous physique. All of the exercises above will help you get a massive chest if you do them regularly. Always be careful though that you don’t damage your muscles with weights that are too heavy.

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