Collagen Peptides – Are They Important?

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Collagen peptides have taken the supplement world by storm. They are a big thing, and they are only going to get bigger. Of course, the best place to get your collagen peptides is right here on It’s also the best place to learn everything you need to know. Ready? Read on!


What Are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides are short chains of amino acids created through the process of hydrolysis. This process breaks down amino acid chains into smaller particles. What makes up collagen peptides? The amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine. 


Collagen is more abundant in the body than any other type of protein. It makes up 30% of all body proteins. The name “collagen” comes from a Greek word meaning “glue”. This makes a lot of sense because collagen is basically what holds our bodies together. In fact, collagen is in the skin, ligaments, and tendons. Actually, it’s also in the joints, cartilage, bones, and muscles.


What Are Collagen Supplements, Collagen Peptides, and Collagen Hydrolysate? 

Once you start looking at collagen, you’ll see different terms.  Therefore, it’s important to know what these terms mean. These terms are:


  • Collagen – As noted, this is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It provides structure and elasticity in your skin. Additionally, it supports the tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, muscles, and blood vessels. As we get older, our levels of collagen decrease. This leads to signs of aging. These signs include saggy skin, and wrinkles. It also includes joint discomfort, stiff tendons, stiff ligaments, and muscle weakness.
  • Collagen Hydrolysate/Collagen Peptides – Most collagen supplements are labeled as collagen peptides or collagen hydrolysate. They are both the same thing. As noted, hydrolysate means the collagen has been broken down into smaller particles. These are known as peptides. Collagen is hydrolyzed into peptides to make it easier for the body to absorb and digest them. 
  • Collagen Supplements – These are labeled collagen, collagen peptides, or collagen hydrolysate. All types of collagen supplements provide this type of protein. They usually come in powder form. Accordingly, you can add them to your protein shake, smoothie, or favorite beverage.


The Benefits Of Collagen Peptides

As mentioned, collagen levels decrease naturally as we get older. However, it’s also possible to not have enough collagen due to poor eating habits. For this reason, supplements can make a difference in a case like this. 


Collagen products have long been marketed for improving skin and joint health. Lately, they are being marketed as a bodybuilding/sports aid. Here are some of the benefits of collagen supplements: 

Eases Joint Pain

Collagen is a component of cartilage. This is the tissue that cushions and supports your joints. As we start to get older, this tissue wears down. Not surprisingly, this process happens faster in bodybuilders and athletes. As your cartilage begins to wear away, we experience joint pain. It may even lead to arthritis. Clinical research suggests collagen supplements can ease joint pain and other symptoms of osteoarthritis. (1)

May Increase Muscle Growth

Collagen is a form of protein and an important component of muscles. One of the reasons muscle mass decreases as we get older is that collagen decreases. Studies indicate that collagen supplements can help slow this trend. (2)


Another reason collagen supports muscle mass is that it consists of the amino acids arginine and glycine. These aminos are building blocks for creatine. Of course, creatine is time-tested and proven effective. (3)

Collagen Peptides Promote Healthy Skin

We know collagen is a basic component of the skin. It helps the skin maintain elasticity and hydration. There are quite a few skin-care products on the market that contain collagen. These products range from serums to creams, to capsules. Additionally, you will find them combined with other skincare ingredients. Also, some of these products may contain patented forms of collagen. 


What’s The Bottom Line?

Collagen peptides are an important protein. They promote good health. This is one reason collagen peptide supplementation has become so popular. When choosing a collagen supplement, make sure the label says “collagen peptides”. In fact, this is the most absorbable and usable form. 


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