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Have you found that it’s not always easy to choose a pre-workout? Maybe you’re a little hard to please, like me. Perhaps you’re looking for specific ingredients in your pre-workout, yet no one seems to make exactly what you want. Or, you might not be willing to part with the bucks many of these products can cost. There must be a cheaper option, right?  In this article, we’ll look at using individual ingredients to create your own pre-workout. Let’s get started!

Create Your Own Pre-Workout – Two Ways To Do It

There’s two ways to approach creating your own pre-workout. The first way is to choose several inexpensive single or dual ingredient supplements. This is certainly the most inexpensive way to do it. Let’s face it, you could easily build an effective 5 or 6 ingredient pre-workout. Not to mention, there’s plenty of products that currently take the same no-frills approach.


There is another way to do it. It’s something I have done myself. That’s because I demand more of my pre-workouts than just caffeine energy, a couple for focus, one or two for pumps, and so on. Of course, this approach will cost more, and not everybody can afford to do this all the time. Still, if you can afford it, you can create your own amazing pre-workout!

Create Your Own Pre-Workout – The Cost Effective Approach

Here’s a great example of choosing simple, cost effective ingredients to create your own pre-workout:


GAT Caffeine – GAT Caffeine – I’ll Pump You Up

Axe & Sledge Beta Alanine – Axe & Sledge Beta Alanine – I’ll Pump You Up

MTS Nutrition Vasky – MTS Nutrition Vasky – I’ll Pump You Up

NOW L-Tyrosine – NOW L-Tyrosine 500 mg – I’ll Pump You Up

Axe & Sledge Betaine – Axe & Sledge Betaine – I’ll Pump You Up


That’s only five ingredients. However, Vasky adds hydromax glycerol. Therefore, you have a nitric oxide pump ingredient, and a water-based pump ingredient. 


Of course, you can change out anything you like. It all depends on your preferences. You can add more energy and focus ingredients, more pump boosters, or more performance boosters.


Create Your Own Pre-Workout – The Comprehensive Approach

Doing it this way, you are definitely spending more money. Still, you can create a one-of-a-kind, no holds barred powerhouse! Here’s an example of how to do it.


Step 1

Start with a basic pre-workout that covers a lot of your needs. 


Step 2

Add the ingredients you’d like to see. For example, I would add creatine and BCAAs, if needed. From there, I’m going to make sure each complex has enough ingredients. I want a good balance of energy and focus ingredients, not merely caffeine. I want a good balance of NO enhancers and cell volumizers to complement creatine. However, since I want BCAAs, that means I want to stimulate protein synthesis. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind if it had TR leucine. 



Redcon1 Big Noise – Improves the focus aspect, included betaine, and adds pump ingredients

Redcon1 Big Noise – I’ll Pump You Up


Betancourt Nutrition BCAA Plus – Includes TR Active Leucine

Betancourt Nutrition BCAA PLUS – I’ll Pump You Up


Creatine Monohydrate- Creatine Monohydrate – I’ll Pump You Up


Axe & Sledge Citrulline – To get a little more pump – Axe & Sledge Citrulline – I’ll Pump You Up


Now we’re talking! Some of these ingredients can be used separately, such as BCAAs and creatine. 


Personalize It!

You can create your own pre-workout with any ingredients you’d like to have. All you need to do is decide what you want. If you’re not sure, I’ve provided two great examples. Choose whichever one works for you!




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