Getting Rock Hard Glutes

Bodybuilders are among the rare breed of people who actually care about getting rock hard glutes. In fact, it’s a must that bodybuilders develop a muscular set of glutes. Who wants a muscular back and legs with a saggy, jell-o butt in between? Are you interested in developing strong and shapely glutes? Here’s some great exercises and techniques for doing so.

Getting Rock Hard Glutes – Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

Not only are stiff-legged deadlifts great for building your hamstrings, but they are also very helpful in getting rock hard glutes too. Unfortunately, most lifters don’t get the glutes benefit they should when doing these. There’s a tick to building your glutes while doing stiff-legged deadlifts. You need to squeeze your glutes at the top of the lift. This is in addition to keeping your knees and back straight when performing the exercise.


Lunges are another tried-and-true leg exercise. They help you get rock hard glutes. You don’t have to remember any extra squeeze with lunges. The natural motion should take care of working the glutes. However, it’s very important that you do the exercise correctly. That means not letting your knee go further than the toes when performing a lunge.

Glute Machines

Apparently gyms have recognized the importance of glute exercises. They offer machines that specifically help you get rock hard glutes. Many of these machines differ in how the exercise is performed. However, all of them are built to isolate your glutes. So be sure and check if your gym has a glute machine. It’s an excellent way to supplement other glute exercises.

Getting Rock Hard Glutes – Balanced Leg Lifts

Not all glute exercises involve a machine or weights. Some can be done with just your body weight. Of course with balanced leg lifts, you should have something to hold on to. You don’t want to fall over! To perform this exercise, grab a chair and put one leg directly behind you. Don’t bend your leg and keep the other leg flat on the floor. With your leg behind you, squeeze your glute. Then bring the leg to the floor. Do 10-15 reps on one leg. Then switch and do the same on the other leg.

Glute Lifts

The name of this exercise might be deceiving. You aren’t actually lifting anything with the glutes. Instead, you lie on your back with knees bent. From here you’ll raise your butt in the air while squeezing at the top. It’s extremely important to keep your back straight so your glutes do the work.


Most bodybuilders know that squats work hamstrings and quad muscles. However, a lot of people don’t realize that they give you a really effective glute workout. Of course, you have to go down all the way when doing squats. There’s one thing to remember for getting rock hard glutes with squats. Use a weight that allows you to bend a little past parallel. This really brings the glutes into the exercise.

Getting Rock Hard Glutes – Running Hills

Here’s another effective glute exercise that doesn’t involve weights. It’s running hills. Moving up hills works your muscles in a whole new way. Traditional weighted exercises can’t duplicate it.  And hill running works more than just your glutes. It also recruits other leg muscles into the exercise. Running isn’t your thing? Are you are too tired from a workout? you can always walk up hills instead.

Dumbbell Step-ups

One more exercise for getting rock hard glutes is dumbbell step-ups. With dumbbell step-ups, you step onto a box or bench with dumbbells in hand. Once at the top, you step back down in whatever manner is comfortable. It’s highly recommended that you change the lead foot in between sets. This is so you work both sides equally. Also, make sure that the object you’re stepping on isn’t difficult to reach. You’ll want to avoid the worst case scenario of tripping while doing these.

You won’t be able to fit all of these exercises into one session. Instead, you should do some of them in one session. Then do others in another session. This how you find out which glute exercises you like best. Are you ready to get rock hard glutes?

By Jeremy Olson

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