Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review

Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout is a newer pre-workout that’s conquered the pre-workout category. That’s because, at full strength, it’s exceptionally well-dosed. In fact, when it first came out, it was so well-dosed that it forced other companies to dose their Pre’s higher. Besides max dosing, it features a well-balanced profile and open labeling.  This review gives an in-depth look at Gorilla Mode and discusses what others think, what you can expect from it, and what you can stack it with. Let’s get started!


  • Features Full Disclosure Labeling
  • It’s Better Dosed Than Most Pre-Workouts
  • Flexible 1 Or 2 Scoop Dosing – Max Strength = 2 Scoops
  • 40 Servings Per Container (For 1 Scoop)/ 20 Servings For 2 Scoops


  • Contains Some Artificial Ingredients
  • Many Ingredients Are Underdosed When Using 1 Scoop
  • Some Users May Want Beta-Alanine – Gorilla Mode Doesn’t Have Any

What You Can Expect From Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

This is one of the pre-workouts that started the trend of a high citrulline dose, as in 9g when it was introduced (it’s now up to 10g). In fact, it quickly became one of the best pre-workouts on the market. This powerful Pre also includes 5g of creatine, 3g of HydroPrime Glycerol, and 400 mg of caffeine. You can expect good energy and focus with this much caffeine, the use of effective ingredients, and the excellent dosing. You can also expect sensational pumps. With creatine, betaine, and glycerol, expect water-based pumps as well as nitric oxide pumps. These ingredients, and malic acid, will also dramatically extend your endurance.

Wait… There’s No Beta-Alanine!

The owner/founder of Gorilla Mind does not believe beta-alanine is an effective ingredient. He feels the tingling and itching side effects are misleading, and fool customers into thinking whatever Pre they’re using is working. He also feels there are not enough studies to support beta-alanine. 

What Are Users Saying About Gorilla Mode?

As you might expect, Gorilla Mode has an overwhelmingly positive review rating. Some of the more stim-heavy lifters weren’t as impressed with Gorilla Mode because, despite 350mg of caffeine and eria jarensis (in the original formula), it’s not as stim-crazy as many pre-workouts. Gorilla Mode now features 400mg of caffeine (but no eria jarensis).  A handful of users felt that recent changes in the ingredient profile made the product less effective. However, most negative reviews had to do with taste rather than product effectiveness. 

Pre-Workouts Are One Of The Keys To a Great Training Session

A good pre-workout is a great addition to any serious training program. The best pre-workouts provide energy and focus so you can train hard with good focus. They promote endurance, improve performance, stimulate a good pump, and may stimulate motivation. There’s a pre-workout for everybody, and Gorilla Mode is a great choice. If you prefer more or less caffeine, or none at all, illpumpyouup.com has the choices you’re looking for. Check out our complete selection. If you’re a bodybuilder, strength trainer, or athlete, a balanced pre-workout can make a noticeable difference in your workout intensity and overall performance. Simply put, if you use a pre-workout, you will have a better training session. 

Ingredient Highlights

Gorilla Mode contains only effective ingredients. Also, as noted, it features an open label. That means Gorilla Mode lists both the ingredients and the dosage of each, and it does it for both 1 scoop and 2 scoops. This is responsible labeling because it gives clear information to users of all experience levels.

Let’s Check Out The Ingredients:

L-Citrulline (5g/10g)

This is easily one of the most effective ingredients for promoting nitric oxide-based pumps. The way it does this is by converting into arginine once it’s in the body. Citrulline absorbs much better than arginine which means it does a better job of stimulating nitric oxide production. The insane 2-scoop dose used in Gorilla Mode is one of the highest in the industry because other companies had to respond to its high dosing when Gorilla Mode was brand new. Before that, the average was closer to 4g. (1)

Creatine Monohydrate (2.5g/5g)

Tested and proven effective time after time. Creatine increases cell volume, may stimulate protein synthesis, improves strength, enhances recovery, elevates cognitive function, and extends endurance. By increasing cell volume, creatine causes water-based pumps. It works together with glycerol and betaine in this regard. Creatine, glycerol, and betaine also work synergistically with the nitric oxide-boosting ingredients in Gorilla Mode. The combination creates massive pumps and enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. (2)

HydroPrime™ 65% Glycerol Powder (2g/4g)

As noted, glycerol is an osmolyte. That means that, like creatine, it pulls water into the muscles, creating cell volume. This means water-based pumps. As noted, it’s one of several ingredients that targets good pumps. Gorilla Mode contained GlycerPump (now GlycerSize) when it first came out, since then it has switched to HydroPrime. (3)

Malic Acid (1.5g/3g)

Also known as malate, this ingredient is part of the energy systems of the body. Malic acid is often combined with citrulline. When a pre-workout contains the blend, it cuts the amount of pure citrulline in half. Yet some people want the endurance benefits of this blend. Gorilla Mode has solved this dilemma. As noted, citrulline is very well dosed. Rather than dilute the 10g, or not include malic acid at all, it’s a separate ingredient. Also, like citrulline, malic acid is very well dosed. Gorilla Mode is one of the few pre-workouts that uses this approach. (4)

Betaine Anhydrous (2g/4g)

As noted, betaine is a cell volumizer. Like creatine and glycerol, it pulls water into the muscle cells. It’s thought to work similar to creatine. For that reason, many companies combine the two in one product. Also, there is research that suggests it promotes power and strength. (5)

L-Tyrosine (2.5g/5g)

This is an amino acid that is known for its ability to elevate focus. It’s also been shown to enhance mental performance when under stress, including the physical stress of a workout. This is another ingredient that’s very well dosed at 2 scoops. Also, at 1 scoop, the dose matches the amount used by many competitors.  (6)

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt 500mg/1g

This is a type of salt that includes a variety of other minerals. In fact, it has all 84 beneficial trace elements. It’s included here because it provides electrolytes, preventing dehydration.

Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg/400mg)

Of course, this is the most common energy-boosting ingredient on the planet. Many pre-workouts only use caffeine as an energy source. There’s a difference in how Gorilla Mode uses caffeine. There are no slow-release forms of caffeine like some Pre’s use. Also, there are no ingredients like theanine that help even out caffeine’s effects. At 400mg, that could cause a crash and jitters.  (7)

Alpha-GPC 200mg/400mg

Alpha GPC, also called Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline, is a phospholipid that contains naturally high amounts of choline. This is important because choline is an essential nutrient associated with the B complex vitamin family. It helps maintain cell membranes, and it’s needed to make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Often called the “learning” neurotransmitter, acetylcholine plays a key role in regulating brain function and muscle control. (8, 9)

Huperzine A (200mcg/400mcg)

This is another ingredient well known for mood and focus enhancement. Huperzine A is an herb with an extended history of use in Chinese medicine. (10)

Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode Review Ratings

Ingredients – 5 Stars – This is a stand-out pre-workout that was superior the day it came out. It says a lot when a “rookie” pre-workout outshines all the established “legends”. It has forced many companies to up their game to be able to compete. 

Effectiveness – 5 Stars – This pre-workout has been updated since its introduction, with a few users complaining the original version worked better. However, the positive reviews are overwhelming, and the supplement facts back that up.

Mixability – 5 Stars – Mixability is improved with the newest version.

Taste – 3 Stars – Most negative reviews are about the taste. Still, that should never be the deciding factor in any powdered supplement purchase. 

Servings – 1 scoop = 40 servings, 2 scoops  = 20 servings.

Value – 3 Stars – Right now, any quality supplement can be perceived as over-priced. 

In Summary

The primary advantage of Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode is that, at full strength, it offers maximum dosing. In many cases, it has the highest doses of any pre-workout currently on the market. Also, the label is fully open. There’s no doubt this is a Pre that gets straight to the point, so if you’re looking for a great pre-workout that takes its role ultra seriously, Gorilla Mode is the Pre for you! Stop by illpumpyouup.com and stock up today!


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