How Does Nitric Oxide (NO2) Work?

Arenitric oxideproducts the secret to enormous muscles, mega quick mending, and unnatural cuts? NO products appeared in late 2001 with the release of NO² by M.R.I. They were the first to bring in a method of enhancing nitric oxide manufacture by enteric coating and time releasingArginineunited with Alpha-Keto Glutarate called A-AKG. Today there are more than eight nitric oxide supplements offered in pill form, and in recent times two producers have launched fluid A-AKG supplements, all promoted to give freaky pumps, recovery, strength and lean muscle mass.

Nitric oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is only slightly soluble in water. It functions as an intracellular messenger controlling a wide variety of critical enzymes, and it slows down its own production. Comparatively high concentrations have been used for scientific purposes for short periods without reported unfavorable effects.

The major roles of NO² are listed here:
Immune system:Macrophages create NO to destroy target cells because it is cytotoxic.
Nervous system:Works as a neurotransmitter and controls apoptosis in neurons.
Circulatory system:NO fuels the manufacture of pro-inflammatory compounds.

NO² helps create and maintain high levels of nitric oxide in you. Everyone knows the most important time to get yourproteinis directly post-workout. This is partly because nitric oxide is a cell-signaling molecule, which means it instructs your DNA to lay down more protein fibers into the cells. By generating and sustaining high levels of NO², you are in fact increasing the 1-2 hour window potential of optimum growth to 10-12 hours a day.

Many users report a “pump” effect, which could be due to vasodilatation. This would make your veins pop out, but this doesn’t necessarily connect to a genuine increase in size/strength. Manufacturers recommend lowering glutamine consumption becauseglutamineis a scavenger and negates the effects of NO.

With the correct diet/routine nitric oxide can help you increase both size and strength. One user said that he noticed that his recovery time is much better. Another reported that he went from 315 to 405 lbs in about 5-6 months. Some people also claim added benefits like improved appetite, vascularity, leaner gains, positive sexual side effects, etc. However, most users report that there’s no huge impact, and no massive strength and muscle boost.

The advertisements for NO² promise huge gains in lean mass, “perpetual pumps,” full-body recovery, and amplified strength. Nitric oxide, which was only discovered in the 1980’s, can, according to its manufacturers, MRI, unlock the secrets of impossible muscle gains.

It took MRI four years to come up with an extended-delivery release agent to control the activity of NO². This delivery system is called “pHyser3”, and it forces an incessant production of nitric oxide, to give you the “perpetual pump.”

NO² may very well be a rip-off if you believe exactly what it says it will do. It has different effects for everyone. Don’t expect it to turn you into 8% bodyfat and lean muscle in a week. It’s just going to increase the blood flow to your muscles, not turn you into the Incredible Hulk. Buy a month’s worth, and see how it works out for you. It’s only a rip-off if you believe the hype.

NO² is marketed as a muscle-building hemodilator that creates dramatic increases in muscle size, strength, endurance, power output, and load capacity. Hemodilation means a widening of the blood channels leading to skeletal muscles through the mechanism of amplified blood flow. Hemodilation is set off by nitrous oxide synthesis. The same man that introducedcreatineto the bodybuilding world in 1993 – Ed Byrd – co-founder of EAS and now president of Medical Research Institute – MRI, now markets NO².

Assuming you do not have pre-existing health conditions, the great thing about NO² products is that they work well, and unlike other supplements, they are relatively free of side effects. If you have a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia, nitric oxide is potentially dangerous, since it increases your blood flow. As always, consultation with a physician is recommended.

Together with creatine, NO² is a good nutrient transporter. NO² makes the creatine pump harder as well. This leads to a synergistic effect between the two, leading to greater pumps and a very dense and hard look.

Arginine is the raw material used in the human body to create all types of nitric oxide by means of a process called Nitric Oxide Synthase. Nitric oxide products do not contain nitric oxide, they all contain some form of Arginine with most using A-AKG. The AKG molecule was added because AKG has been proven in clinical trials to increase Arginine storage in the body.

Nitric Oxide And Immune Response

Nitric oxide has been acknowledged as one of the most adaptable players in the immune system in the past two decades. Between 1985 and 1990, when nitric oxide officially came into the immunology picture, its function in the immune system was plainly defined: NO is a result of microphages set in motion by cytokines, microbial compounds or both, and is derived from the amino-acid l-arginine by the enzymatic activity of inducible nitric oxide synthase.

NO² has recently grown in popularity in the dietary supplement world. In a recent study, 35 resistance-trained males were matched for free mass and assigned to take either a NO² supplement or a placebo. After eight weeks, there were no significant differences between groups in body mass, fat free mass or percent body fat. On the other hand, changes in 1 RM bench press, sprint peak power, time to peak power, and rate to fatigue were all significantly greater in those taking the NO² supplement.

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