How To Build Big Arms!

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Arms are the crowning jewels of a well-built body. Having big-strong arms will give you a sense of power and self-worth like no other body part will, especially because of the fact that you know you can wear a half sleeve shirt or a T-shirt and flash them around attracting attention! You definitely need to know how to build big arms!

Luckily, building big arms is not a goal that you will want to shy away from. Arms are the most often-used body part and for doing every exercise of the upper body, you’ll be using a bit of your arms. This indirect training will strengthen your arms and prepare them for the heavy workouts that you’ll need to subject them to, to make them really big. This helps in more ways than one. Since you exercise your arms a bit almost everyday, they will not get as sore as other body parts when you put through heavy exercises. One thing is sure; you are definitely going to enjoy working on your arms! Learn how to build big arms!

Arms Are Not Just The Biceps

Talk of arms and most people will immediately check out their biceps. Well, that’s not all that is there to them. Biceps may be the most prominent feature on a bodybuilder’s arms, but the triceps and the forearms are just as important to give your arms a well-built look. To learn how to build big arms, remember that balance is everything. In a good body, balance is just as important as bulk. Always remember that.

For the sake of bodybuilding, you can divide your arms into three major muscle groups: the biceps, the triceps and the forearms. There are separate exercises for each of these parts, and to build big arms you must work out on each part regularly.

How To Build Big Arms – The Workout 

If you are seriously into bodybuilding you probably workout everyday and will have plenty of time to work on your arms.

Building big arms is not that difficult. If you only workout three times a week, you can still build massive arms with the right amount of planning and focus. However, if you workout three times a week, concentrate on your biceps and triceps. Do forearms exercises occasionally when you can spare time. Forearms are automatically exercised when you work out on the biceps, so don’t worry too much about them.

You can do both biceps and triceps in a day and throw in a bit of forearms as a closing measure. If you workout 6 days a week, then workout on each part of the arm at least twice a week.

For optimum results use the exercises listed below, do three sets of each exercise. The number of repetitions should be 12, 10 and 8 in each consecutive set. Keep adding weight as you go to the next set.

How To Build Big Arms – Exercises For Biceps

  • Standard Dumbbell Curls– You can do this exercise sitting or standing. Take a dumbbell in each hand and put your hands to the side, the palms facing front. Keep your back straight and elbows tucked to the side. Now lift the forearm in an arc towards your shoulder. Remember not to swing your back. Concentrate on the biceps and make them do all the work. Lower slowly.
  • Hammer Curls– This is a variation of the standard bicep curls. In hammer curls, instead of facing front, the palms face inwards towards the side of your body. Now lift the dumbbells in a straight arc towards your shoulder and lower again. The movement is quite similar to the one made when you are hammering a nail, thus the name.
  • Concentration Curls– Concentration curls are a very good exercise for the biceps. They’re done with each hand separately. Sit on the edge of a bench with your legs spread out wide. Your hand holding the dumbbell should be inside your legs, the elbow resting slightly on your thigh. Now lift the dumbbell in an arc towards your shoulder blade. If you do this right, you should feel a lot of pressure on the biceps.
  • Barbell Curls– Regular barbell curls are quite similar to the standard dumbbell curls. Instead of using a dumbbell, you’ll use a barbell. This exercise will have to be done standing up. There can be three kinds of grips in the barbell curls. In the close grip, both your hands are at the center of the bar. In the normal grip, the hands are placed at shoulder width, and in the wide grip, the hands are placed at double your shoulder width. Hold the barbells to your front and lift them up in a straight arc such that the bar touches your chest. Keep your back straight and avoid swinging your body. Your arms should do all the work. You can start exercising your biceps now that you know how to build big arms!

How To Build Big Arms – Exercises For Triceps

  • Front Pulley Pulldowns– For the triceps, you can use the pulleys in two ways. In the first technique, stand up straight and keep your elbows tucked tightly to your sides. Now grab the pulley bar with both hands and keep your upper arms frozen. Now bring down your forearms in an arc. The motion will be like a pumping motion. Your arms shouldn’t move from elbow upwards.
  • Dumbbell Tricep Curls– Hold the dumbbell in one hand and bring behind your head such that it forms an L shape. Your biceps should be touching your ear. Now use your tricep muscles to lift the dumbbell in an arc above your head. Your arm from the elbow to the shoulder should not move. You should feel pressure in your triceps if you do this correctly.
  • Barbell Tricep Curls– Grip a barbell with both hands (keep your hands apart at your shoulder width). Bring it over your head and behind it. Your hands should be in an L shape. Your biceps should be touching your ears. Now lift the barbell in an arc over your head using your triceps without moving your upper arms.

Exercises For Forearms

  • Forearm Barbell Lifts– For this exercise, you’ll need a small barbell. Kneel down before a bench and place both hands on it at the elbows. Your elbows and some region above the elbows must rest on the bench, but the wrists must be free. Grip the barbell with both hands from the center (your hands placed closely together). Now use the wrists to lower and raise the barbells. If you do this correctly, you will feel a considerable amount of pressure on your forearms.
  • Reverse Hand Barbell Lifts– This exercise is done standing up. This exercise is similar to the barbell curls for biceps. Instead of facing upwards, the palms face downwards when you grip the barbell. This is also very good for the forearms.

You can start exercising now and build those larger than life arms that you can show off, and why not? You worked hard for it! Share your knowledge with others and tell them how to build big arms!


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