How To Get A Muscular Body!

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I have met many people who said I’m ready and willing, I want to get a muscular body. I’ll do this and that and within months I never saw them again. We expect big gains with a side of fat loss as if it’s a drive-through. It doesn’t work that way.

Get A Muscular Body – It Takes Time!

Building a muscular body takes time and comes with plenty of distractions and impatience. But you have to stay focused on your priorities. You’ve trained hard. You come in early in the morning and jump on the treadmill. You start your day by making your body a fat-burning torch. Then you stay up late pounding the weights.

Throughout the day you protein up every three hours apart. You’re planning out your carbs while making runs to the men’s room because you’re drinking tons of water. Simply following what you read is not enough. Following a certain training regimen once won’t cut it. You train, eat, and sleep but wonder why you aren’t showing the progress you want.

Ask The Pros!

Ask a bodybuilding pro how to get a muscular body. They will tell you that it takes time, just keep at it. You can’t expect to have a savings fund and retire off your first check right? The same principle applies to your body. You need to eat over and over again. You need to continue to train day in and out. Stay committed to building a muscular body brick by brick, muscle by muscle. Now once you have your game plan down mentally let’s begin with the program.

Get A Muscular Body – The Routine

Bench Press, Squats, Shoulder Press, and Deadlifts. These are compound movements that will put on slabs of muscle on you fast. This is how you build the muscular body of your dreams. Here’s the program, execute it with proper weight and form. The bench press works your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Squats work the entire body but especially the glutes, hams, and quads. Shoulder Presses work the shoulders. Deadlifts work the entire body but specifically the low back, glutes, hams, and lower back. This is a circuit training program so expect a fast pace workout so hydrate well and get your mind right. Let’s Go!

Bench Press- 3-4 Sets – 10 reps

For bench press make sure you have a solid foundation for the movement, your feet are placed on the floor and your forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Have a firm grip on the bar and make sure to breathe calmly. Now off to squats. If you want to get a muscular body, squats are essential.

Squats- 3-4 Sets – 10 reps

For Squats, initiate the movement with your hips and maintain a natural lumbar curve. Make sure your feet are secure and solid on its stance and proceed. Once done quickly change the weight and go on to the shoulder press.

Insider’s Tip:

It is important to go below parallel in this movement, especially when you are just learning the exercise. The reason for this is because you want to develop strength along with the entire range of motion. If you don’t go low enough to start you could injure yourself later when you progress to a heavier weight.

Shoulder Press- 3-4 Sets – 10 reps

When performing this exercise stay focused on form with the barbell. Don’t allow distraction, your body should be feeling the burn by this point. Remember this is the first set so make every rep count. Keep your eyes to yourself and see the mass muscle pilling on your body. Now off to deadlifts.

Deadlifts- 3-4 Sets – 10 reps

With little or no rest repeat this circuit and add weight when you can hit 15 reps. Again form and posture are crucial. If you really want a muscular body, give this regimen a fair shot. In fact, I challenge you to do it for two cycles, two months. I promise you’ll be impressed with the rapid mass gains. But again stay committed to your protein and carbs. And don’t forget other supplements like creatine, BCAA’s, and others that certainly help found here on


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