Isotension Exercises

Building mass is one thing, but how do I get that summer beach body? Your diet is in check, cardio is not to be messed with and weight training is a failure. What’s the answer? Isotension exercise. Also known as isometrics has been around for several years. If this terminology seems new to you, and if you incorporate it, prepare to see a change in your body composition for the better.

So What Is Isotension?

After an intense workout, your muscle is depleted from amino and fatigued. Ever stand in front of the mirror and check yourself out seeing your weak areas and the ones you want to improve? Training correctly and with proper form and managing weights that are reasonable plays a vital role in muscle development not quantity but quality. But how do you develop a chiseled, razor-sharp, diced look that you see on the cover of muscle magazines? Seeing the serratus and muscle separation from chest to quads.

Doing isotension flexing pumps blood into the muscle. This triggers your natural nitric oxide, showing off vascularity and muscle definition. Many natural and pro bodybuilders apply isotension in their schedule. Why?  Because it’s known to be effective in showing off your hard work.

So, Is Isotension Just Flexing?

No, it’s not just flexing. It’s applying tension on the targeted area that you want to develop. Have you ever flexed and noticed your biceps seem bigger and fuller? You see your veins and feel the pump when you flex. Now picture doing these exercises as part of your training routine.

If you’re an advanced bodybuilder, you know how to train. You know what to do and what not to do. Bodybuilders on stage don’t just stand there and flex like crazy. Their motion is gracefully controlled and rehearsed. The same applies to you. Mimic the pros and follow their advice especially on isotension for that defined look.

When Should I Do Isotension?

Isotension can take a lot out of you if you ever tried it before. Some people who work at the office can isolate by flexing their calves. Or, squeeze the chest or biceps. You can also stretch your triceps for that horse shoe look. Try pulling your shoulders behind you thus targeting your back muscles. There are several ways to do this without being in gym clothes.

But one of the best ways to really intensify the area is in the middle of your workout. Once done with a set, take a breath and begin isotension for about 10-15 seconds. By doing this your muscles are twice as fatigued and the blood pump is to its fullest. Now finish your next set and repeat again.

If you’re concerned about standing out by flexing your targeted area in the middle of your workout regimen. I encourage you not to be worried about what others think. Be the leader you’re meant to be and work hard to reach your goals!

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