It’s Food AND Supplements, Not Food Vs Supplements

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Food Vs Supplements? No! It’s Food AND Supplements!

The question is not which one is better. It’s not food vs supplements, it’s food AND supplements. The combination of both is what leads to optimal results. Yes, you should eat whole food first. There’s no question, quality food is your priority. But, once you have your nutrition in order, add supplements.

It’s Not Food Vs Supplements, It’s Food AND Supplements

Here’s the thing. You may not always have time to sit down to a whole food meal. I never did, not in my line of work. If I wanted protein and calories, I had no choice. I had to use shakes and bars. The truth is, not everyone has a daily situation of being able to sit down to a meal whenever they’re hungry. Why? It’s called life. Depending on your lifestyle, you might not be able to make your scheduled meals.

As you can see, food and supplements work together to help ylou achieve your goals. Here’s an example. I worked a busy retail job as store manager for years. Often, I’d be alone until 4-5 o’clock. The store’s busy. I had no sit-down breaks. The idea of eating a real food meal was out of the question. Yet, I could drink a shake. Most of the time, I could eat a bar. If I refused to depend on protein shakes and bars, I would have starved.

What Other Supplements Are Important?

This is how the idea of food AND supplements comes into play. Ideally, you will be able to eat 3-4 meals a day. Thes should be clean meals, high protien, low sodium, and low sugar. Depending on goals, they may be low carb, or higher carb.

From there, you add in your supplements. Here’s your foundation: protein powder, a multi vitamin, a pre-workout, and creatine. These are the main supplemnents you should be using. That’s not a bad stack, and it’s not expensive.

It’s Not Food Vs Supplements, It’s Both!

Now, from there, you can add whatever you want. It’s up to you. Having said that, it’s important to read past the hype. When you consider a supplement, look past the hype. Read the label. First, is it fully disclosed? Next, what are the ingredients? Is there research to back up their use? Is this product dosed to clinical standards? That is how you choose a supplement. Not by reading the marketing BS. So, you can see that it’s not a battle. It’s not food vs supplements, it’s both of them together.

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