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What muscle is almost always visible and yet is also one of the most neglected? Forearms! There are three different parts of the forearm; Brachialis, Brachiradialis and the Pronator Teres. Together, these three muscles are applied in almost every workout as the ‘root’ for other muscles.

The body depends on the forearm muscles for grip and strength while working out. Whether its chest, back, shoulders, arms and sometimes even legs! For bodybuilders, power lifters, MMA fighters and most other athletes, forearms are vital for success and performance. However, finding an effective training routine has always been difficult due to the lack of forearm exercises available. Therefore, after much trial and error, I have put together one of the most effective forearm workout’s up to date. This quick workout will leave you begging for mercy and in no time, you might be mistaken for Popeye!

Rest The Forearm Muscles!

In-between sets, most people take anywhere from 2-6 minutes to recover for their next set. But, the forearms are a small and fast recovering muscle. Therefore, the rest in between sets should be 1 MINUTE in order to keep the muscle engulfed in blood and maximize hypertrophy.

Forearm Sets & Reps….

Similar to the calves, it is proven that the rep range should be very high when training forearms. This workout contains a superset of three exercises per set. Each exercise will be 30 reps, since there is three exercises for one set, the completed set would equal 90 total reps. Perform three sets of this, with no rest in-between exercises.

How to do it….

Each of the three exercises will be in the position as if you were doing underhand wrist curls with a barbell. Meaning, your elbow to your wrist is resting on a surface while your hands are hanging off the edge holding a barbell. The placement of your hands will be very close, about half an inch from touching. All three exercises are done in this position.

Forearm Exercises

As we discussed, each of the 3 set’s will contain three total exercises, 30 reps each, for a combined total of 90 repetitions.

1. Finger Tip Curls 30 reps

While holding the barbell off the surface with both hands, start with your first exercise, fingertip curls. This exercise is performed while your hands are hanging off the edge of the surface. Begin by extending the barbell down, with your fingertips almost completely straight while still holding the barbell. Then curl the bar slightly by ONLY using your fingertips. Repeat for 30 reps, and then continue onto the next exercise.

2. Wrist Curls 30 reps

In the same position as the fingertip curls, fully grip the barbell with both hands. Instead of extending the bar down, simply bend your wrist down and back up. This down and up action is considered a wrist curl. Again, repeat this form for 30 reps. By now, your forearms should start to burn and the next exercise will have you begging for mercy!

3. Fingertip to Wrist Curl 30 reps

The final exercise is a combination of both the Finger Tip Curl and Wrist curl. Start this exercise by extending the bar down your fingertips, and then curl the barbell up with your fingertips. Finally, complete the exercise by doing a full wrist curl once your fingertip curl is completed. This combination is the most important. Even though the pain will be very high, try your best to keep perfect form.


Although this may seem like a simple forearm workout, give it a try and I can promise two things: EXTREME pain and MASSIVE forearms!

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