Natural Muscle Builders by Jim Brewster

If you’re trying to add quality muscle mass but don’t want to use supplements such as pro-hormones, or test the waters with gray-market “supplements”, there are now two natural options that can help you achieve the results you’ve been training for.

What are these two ingredients? Laxogenin and Epicatechin!

Let’s take a look at each of these.

Laxogenin – Also called 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin, this ingredient is a plant steroid (or, brassinosteroid). It should be understood that it’s not a prohormone and it does not interfere with the body’s natural hormonal production. Laxogenin has two primary benefits: first, it has the ability to stimulate protein synthesis. Secondly, it can help increase strength. Additionally, it has anti-catabolic benefits, making Laxogenin an effective all-natural ingredient. (1)


The effective dosing range is 75 to 150 mg.

Who Can Use It?

Since it is natural and perfectly safe, anyone can use it. In fact, it’s a great supplement for women to use.

Do I Need To Cycle Laxogenin?

No. There’s no reason to cycle it since it does not have any kind of negative impact on the body’s natural hormone levels.

Epicatechin – This ingredient is a flavonoid that occurs naturally in green tea and dark chocolate. In fact, the darker the chocolate, the better. Pure cocoa contains the highest amount at nearly 3mg per gram. Epicatechin has two primary benefits: it stimulates muscle growth and it stimulates nitric oxide production. One of the primary ways it stimulates growth is by inhibiting myostatin. What is myostatin? It’s a type of protein known as a growth factor that regulates how big your muscles can get. In effect, it puts a ceiling on muscle growth. By inhibiting myostatin you can effectively raise the ceiling on muscle growth. (2, 3)


The effective range is 200mg to 300 mg.

Who Can Use It?

While virtually anyone can use it, women users may not want to combine it with testosterone boosters.

Do I Need To Cycle Epicatechin?

There’s no need to cycle this ingredient.

While you can buy each of these ingredients as stand-alone supplements, you can also buy products containing one or both of them. The recommended way to use these products for optimal results is to look for one that combines the two of them.

What Can These Ingredients Be Stacked With?

These compounds can be stacked with protein powders, including BCAA/EAA formulas. They can also be stacked with such ingredients as HICA, HMB, creatine, and virtually any other natural muscle building supplement.

While there are a number of excellent choices when it comes to natural muscle builders, Laxogenin and Epicatechin seem to have captured the limelight. Give one of the various formulas currently available a shot and watch your gains take off!

by Jim Brewster


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