Protein Can Keep the Weight Off

Once you have reached your goal and shed those extra pounds, there may be simple way to keep the weight off. You need to increase your protein intake. Eating more protein will help you feel full longer, and therefore you will eat less and consume fewer calories.

A recent study followed 148 people who lost weight and then were allowed to eat whatever foods they wanted. Then, half of the group was given 25-30 extra grams of protein each day. This group regained 2.2 pounds during the three moths that followed the weight loss. The group that did not eat the higher amounts of protein gained twice as much back.

There are many ways to healthfully increase your protein intake. Fish, soy products, low fat and fat free dairy products, and lean meats are great protein ideas, as well as protein powders and bars. Always remember to keep the fat content in mind when increasing your protein. Some foods are higher in fat and will be counterproductive to weight loss.

Fat and Calorie content per 45 grams of Protein

Chicken Breast: 2g fat 186 calories
Salmon: 9g fat 261 calories
Low Fat Cheese: 11g fat 259 calories
Extra Lean Beef: 25g fat 403 calories
Bologna: 123g fat 1335 calories
Turkey: 21g fat 380 calories
Sliced Bacon: 175g fat 1777 calories

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