Raw Nutrition Pump2 Non-Stim Pre-Workout

RAW Pump2

Raw Nutrition Pump2 Non-Stim Pre-Workout is not your typical stim-free Pre. It’s a single ingredient – GlycerSize™ Glycerol Powder, and it’s dosed at 6g per serving. It is also a very innovative product that has the potential to dramatically improve your workouts. Keep reading and find out more!



  • Pulls Water Into Your Muscles
  • Extreme Hydration
  • Extreme Water-Based Pumps
  • Dramatically Extended Endurance
  • Pump2 Can Lower The Thermal Effect Of Exercise In Hot Environments


  • Be Prepared To Drink Lots Of Water
  • You Can Build A Tolerance – Cycling Is Recommended


What Is Glycerol?

It is a sugar alcohol that functions as the backbone of triglycerides. And, it’s an osmolyte that builds up in all your body fluids, except the brain and the eyes. What this does is increase your body’s total water volume. Also, your body can use it as an energy substrate. In fact, it may promote training energy if it’s consumed in large amounts. (1, 2)

How It Works As A Supplement

As a supplement, whether by itself or as part of a pre-workout, your body will rapidly absorb glycerol and dispense it among your body’s fluid compartments. Then your kidneys and liver will metabolize it. If you consume glycerol with a large amount of water, your body will retain that fluid. This leads to extreme cell volume or water-based pumps. Also, this creates a state of “hyperhydration”. This will benefit bodybuilders and athletes, especially endurance athletes. (3)

What Is GlycerSize?

This ingredient was formerly known as GlycerPump™. It’s a branded ingredient and a stable glycerol powder that yields 65% glycerol content. Silicon dioxide is the transporter for this form of glycerol. The main thing that sets GlycerSize™ apart from other forms of glycerol is the method of spray-drying. It’s designed to create stability with no clumping.

What You Can Expect From Raw Nutrition Pump2

When taking Raw Nutrition Pump2, you can expect dramatic endurance, hyper-hydration, and massive water-based pumps. It’s been said that the pumps are like water balloons being filled all the way. You do have to drink A LOT of water with this product. As far as side effects, a small percentage of users experienced gastric discomfort. Drinking 2-3 large glasses of water in the hours around your workout and mixing Pump2 with 12-16oz of water help offset this, and maximizes the cell volume effect.

My Experience With Pump2

I mixed one heaping scoop with my pre-workout. At the time, I was using 5% Nutrition 5150, an amazing pre-workout with 400 mg of caffeine, coming from 8 different sources. I found my endurance skyrocketed. I drank tons of water before my workout, with 5150 and Pump2, during my workout, and after my workout. For example, if I was averaging 5-6 reps on my working sets, I was hitting 10-12 reps, sometimes more, with no problem. This was true over a couple of months of workouts on every exercise. Finally, after going through 3-4 tubs (and using other glycerol products), I built a tolerance, and my reps began to level off. I have been off Pump2 for a few months, but plan to pick it back up soon. 

What Users Say About Raw Nutrition Pump2

If you look online, the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. Plus, they reflect what I experienced – insane water-based pumps and extreme endurance. A very few users experienced unpleasant gastric issues and couldn’t use the product. 

How To Use Raw Nutrition Pump2

First of all, the directions warn this product may clump. The directions then suggest taking 3-6g of water before your workout. However, you should drink a 12oz glass or two of water about a half hour before taking this product. Then, mix a full scoop with your pre-workout using 12-16oz of water 30 minutes before you train. 

More Guidelines

Make sure you fill your water bottle and drink at least another 12oz of water while you train. Within 15 minutes of your workout, drink a post-workout shake consisting of protein and a carb source. I suggest using a blender and mixing in whey protein and fruit with 8oz of water. Yes, it’s a lot of water, but that helps magnify the pumps. It also helps derail any possible negative effects.

How I Trained

Now I’m using a 3-day push/pull/legs split, combining free weights and machines. At the time, I did a fast-paced full-body workout using mainly compound exercises but moderate weight so I could chase the pump. Once I week, I did a very heavy set of each exercise. 

Raw Nutrition Pump2 Review Ratings

Ingredients – 5 Stars – There’s only one ingredient, and it’s revolutionary.

Effectiveness – 5 Stars 

Mixability – 4 Stars – It can be hard to mix, but for me, it mixed well with my pre-workout.

Taste – 3 Stars – It’s unflavored. 

Servings – 4 Stars – 20 servings per container

Value – 5 Stars – It’s a good value because it’s not expensive.

In Summary

In summary, Raw Nutrition Pump2 Non-Stim Pre-Workout is one of the most effective products to hit the market since creatine monohydrate. No kidding. While it is available as a stand-alone product and in pre-workouts, it really should be in every new pre-workout that hits the market. No matter how many companies tout their latest Pre’s as the most advanced and effective, without some form of glycerol, they are missing the boat and missing the future. Stop by illpumpyouup.com and give Pump2 a shot and you will see what I mean!



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