Supplement Spotlight: Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 by Jim Brewster

Blackstone Labs Chosen 1


Prohormones are one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements. As well they should be, they are the closest natural product to steroids. It goes without saying, then, they aren’t a product for the average fitness enthusiast. If you’re considering Blackstone Labs Chosen1, you need to understand that. This product is meant for serious bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes. If that’s you, and you want to get big no matter what, you might be hardcore enough for this product. 

What Is It

First, let’s define prohormones. They are a “precursor of a hormone, such as a polypeptide that is split to form a smaller polypeptide hormone or steroid that is then converted to an active hormone by the process of metabolism” (1). 


Chosen1 contains three forms of 1-Dhea, also known as 1 androstene-3b-ol,17-one. The 1-DHEA Blend supplies 65mg per 1 tablet serving.  This provides an extended-release effect that lasts all day. This compound undergoes a 2-step conversion process. First, it converts to 1-Androstenediol. From there, it converts to 1-testosterone, which is a derivative of testosterone. The gains are dry, so there’s no excess water retention, very little conversion to estrogen, and it’s non-liver toxic. 


Blackstone Labs is part of the Hi-Tech Pharma family of manufacturers. For this reason, Chosen1 utilizes liposomal delivery. Products using the liposomal delivery system are designed to reach a rate of absorption of 99%. This is because the product has both a fat-soluble coating and a water-soluble coating. Therefore, it will bypass the liver and go immediately into the bloodstream. In comparison, normal supplements pass through the liver before entering the bloodstream. Often, when this happens you may only absorb 33% of the supplement.

What Does It Do

As a prohormone, Chosen1 promotes lean muscle, strength gains, and greater in-the-gym aggression.

How To Use It 

Read all label directions. Take one tablet twice a day. You can take them together or take one in the morning and another around dinner. I suggest taking Chosen1 with a small meal. 

You can use Chosen1 by itself, or as part of a prohormone stack. Even though this product is easy on the liver and does not convert to estrogen to any great degree, it’s a good idea to use a PCT after your cycle.

Here’s an example Chosen1 cycle:

Chosen1 – 2 tablets per day as directed – use for 6-8 weeks.

Optional: Stack it with Blackstone Labs AbNORmal. Blackstone Labs Eradicate is optional for use during your cycle.

Once your cycle is over, use a PCT such as 5% Nutrition Post Gear. You can also use Eradicate during this time. Your PCT cycle should be as long as your prohormone cycle.

Nutrition & Training

Use as part of a lean bulking diet. For best results, you should be following a high protein, moderate carbohydrate, healthy fat diet. Train heavy using compound exercises. Work in the 6-8 rep range and add weight every week. If you like to use intensity techniques, feel free! Push past failure with techniques such as drop sets, rest-pause, supersets, and burns. 


There’s no doubt, this is a hardcore product. Prohormones aren’t for everybody. However, if mass and strength are your priorities, Chosen1 can be the difference you’ve been looking for. Are you hardcore enough to try it?


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