Supplement Spotlight: Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade

A bottle of Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade

Supplement Spotlight: Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade

Summer is here, but it’s not too late to lose those last few pounds! Got a little more to lose? You still have time to look your best. Start your fat loss program with Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade. 

Let’s take a closer look!

What Is Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade?

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade is a thermogenic fat burner. Blade offers a complete formula designed to increase your metabolism and stimulate lipolysis, or the breakdown of fats. 


Blade also increases the transport of stored fat, which is then used for energy by the body. Furthermore, Blade helps prevent new fat storage. Although if you’re serious about fat loss, you should be following a calorie-restricted diet that will eliminate any possibility of fat storage from excess calories. 


Finally, Blade helps you control your appetite. When you combine Blade with the right eating plan, resistance training, and more cardio, you’ll get in great shape in no time!

Let’s Look At The Ingredients

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients.


CH-19 Sweet Pepper – 450 mg

The active ingredient is capsicum, which acts as a thermogenic. What is thermogenesis? It’s the body’s production of heat. This maintains core temperature, and it’s fueled by calories. Therefore, if the body burns more calories through thermogenesis, you will burn more fat.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI – 300 mg

This is one of several forms of carnitine. Each form has unique benefits. This form supports cognitive function. Yet what they all have in common is the transport of fat to the mitochondria. This is where the fat is burned for energy by the body.


Green Tea Leaf Extract – 300 mg

Not only does green tea contain a powerful antioxidant (EGCG), it also supports thermogenesis.


Caffeine Blend – 225 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous – 200 mg

zumXR® Delayed-Release Caffeine – 25 mg

Caffeine, the world’s most popular energy ingredient, has quite a few benefits. Of course, it increases energy, alertness, and focus. It’s also a potent thermogenic. Finally, it increases performance so you can get more out of your workouts.


Advantra Z® Bitter Orange (25% p-synephrine)- 50 mg

This ingredient contains synephrine. Originally, synephrine was the replacement for ephedra. It’s a little milder, but it has the same effects as ephedra did. This means it’s thermogenic and increases energy.


Rauwolfia Vomitoria – 8 mg

This is yohimbine, which stimulates thermogenesis. This is one of the things that makes Blade effective – the synergistic approach to fat loss by the use of thermogenic ingredients.


Huperzia serrata (1% Huperzine A) – 400 mcg

This is a well-known focus enhancer. You often see it in pre-workouts. But, let’s face it, following a fat loss program can be mentally tough. Between the stimulants and huperzine for focus, you’ll have plenty of energy. Plus, your mind will stay sharp and alert. 


XD Delivery Technology – 61 mg


BioPerine® Black Pepper


Sodium R-alpha-lipoate


Absorption is what it’s all about. No matter how good a product is, if it doesn’t fully absorb, it won’t matter. This patented Technology ensures complete absorption. 

How Do I Use Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade?

First, remember that fat loss demands hard work. There are no “magic pills” that burn all your excess fat overnight. You have to be committed to following a fat loss diet. For example, high protein, low-to-moderate carbs with low sugar, and low to moderate healthy fats.


With that understood, here’s how to take Blade.


To determine your tolerance – begin with one capsule in the morning with 8oz cold water. Once you have determined your tolerance, take1- 2 capsules of Blade in the morning with 8oz cold water and 1-2 capsules early to mid-afternoon with 8ozs of cold water. Do not use it within 6 hours of bedtime.

What Can I Stack It With?

Here’s a great Stack that lets you add on what you want. 


Blade Fat Burning Stack


This Stack consists of:



Roughage – This is a nutrient-dense fruit and greens powder.

Blade PM – This is a nighttime formula that lets you burn fat 24/7!

The Protein Powder Of Your Choice – see our selection here: You searched for protein – I’ll Pump You Up (

The Pre-Workout Of Your Choice – see our selection here: Pre-Workouts – I’ll Pump You Up (




Add Multi-Vitamins


Find Blue Star Nutraceuticals right here: Blue Star Nutraceuticals – I’ll Pump You Up (


Find all your supplements right here: Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (


Like I said at the beginning, even though summer is here, there’s still time to get ripped to shreds. Depending on where you’re starting, you just have to work hard, stay committed, and use Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade. Why wait – get yours today!


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