Supplement Spotlight: Freedom Formulations Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme Pre-Workout

A container of Freedom Formulations Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme Pre-Workout

Why should you consider Freedom Formulations Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme? First, using a pre-workout makes a big difference in performance. You’ll have more energy, alertness, and focus. Some pre-workouts increase feelings of motivation and euphoria. Also, you’ll have more endurance. In addition, you may find you have more strength. Last but not least, you’ll experience greater pumps. That’s a list of benefits hard to overlook. What’s one of the biggest questions for pre-workout users? Whether you want caffeine and other stims. Or, would you prefer a stim-free formula? Either way, you don’t want to work out without a good pre. One of the best is Stim Junky 2.0 Extreme!

What Is Freedom Formulations Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme?

Freedom Formulations Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme is a balanced pre-workout that features DMHA. This ingredient is a central nervous system stimulant. You might see it in your pre-workout as Octodrine or 2-aminoisoheptane. First, like other stimulants, DMHA increases energy. Second, it will enhance focus. Third, it suppresses appetite. Finally, that means it may help fat loss. 


Freedom Formulations is a newer company with an impressive supplement line. They carry the usual products, including aminos, and various pre-workouts. 


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Let’s Look At The Ingredients

First and foremost, Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme features full disclosure labeling. Second, it’s a balanced formula. Third, it’s well-dosed. 


Here are the ingredients:


L-Citrulline – 6,000 mg

As shown above, Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme is well dosed. There’s none of this underdosed prop blend stuff you see other companies doing. Right off the bat, that sets this formula apart. In addition, there’s no blending of citrulline with malic acid. That combination dilutes the citrulline content. This is 6g of pure citrulline for great pumps. (1)


Beta Alanine – 3,000 mg

This ingredient supports endurance. This is a good dose. Yet it’s 200 mg below the clinical dose of 3.2 grams. (2)


Taurine – 1,000 mg

You’ll find this ingredient in many energy drinks. It’s also an osmolyte. That means it helps pull water into the muscles. That means great water-based pumps. The best pre-workouts combine nitric oxide pumps with water-based pumps. For example, citrulline and agmatine stimulate production of nitric oxide. Ingredients like taurine stimulate water-based pumps. (3)


Agmatine – 1,000 mg

Here’s an ingredient that extends nitric oxide pumps. This rounds out a nice three-ingredient pump complex. (4)


DMAE – 500 mg

Here’s an ingredient that enhances your mood. It does this by increasing the production of acetylcholine in the brain. (5)


Caffeine – 350 mg

We all know what caffeine does and how well it works. This is a potent dose of this extremely popular stimulant. (6)


L-Theanine – 350 mg

This compound is actually a relaxant. It helps ease the harshness of caffeine. This means you won’t experience a crash or the jitters. In this case, you’ll get smooth energy from the caffeine in this product.


DMHA – 200 mg

As noted, this is a potent stimulant. DMHA increases both energy, alertness, and focus. It works well with the other stims in this product. (7)


Eria Jarensis – 200 mg

Here’s another stimulant that increases energy, alertness, and mood. That’s quite a few benefits in one product. No wonder it’s called Stim-Junky! (8)


Bioperine – 10 mg

This extract of Black Pepper improves absorption. You’ll find this in many products of all types. Let’s be real, absorption is everything. 

How Do I Use Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme?

When using a stim-based pre-workout, begin with a half-serving. This way, you can determine tolerance. Once you have determined tolerance, you can move up to a full serving. Advanced users can start with a full serving. Make sure you mix it with plenty of water. A good place to start is 10-12oz. 

What Can I Stack It With?

A pre-workout can be stacked with anything. It really should be a foundation product in your supplement arsenal. 


What can you take with Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme? Creatine is a good place to start. Creatine is the original cell volumizer. It will complement the cell volumizing and nitric oxide boosting ingredients in this product. 


Some users may wish to add an EAA/BCAA formula. This will help the body stay anabolic. This is important. Why? Simple. Training is catabolic. Some users will even add a pump product. This creates insane monster-sized pumps. In addition, you can add an electrolyte complex. This improves hydration and performance. As you can see, you can build quite a stack.

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There’s an almost endless choice of pre-workouts on the market. Yet, many of them are underdosed. Of those, most of them use prop blends. That leaves a far smaller number of choices. As shown above, you want a well dosed formula. As well, it should be an open label. There can be no doubt! Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme is one of the best. Why wait? Order yours today!



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