Supplement Spotlight: Hi-Tech Pharma Precision Protein

hi tech precision protein

Making a whey protein is one thing, but making one that amplifies the power of leucine is something else entirely. That’s the case with Hi-Tech Pharma Precision Protein. In this edition of Supplement Spotlight, we will look at the innovative formula and interesting history of this exceptional product. 

What Is Hi-Tech Precision Protein?

Precision Protein is a whey protein powder that features 25g of hydrolyzed whey per serving. It also features EET™ technology. This is a technology that amplifies the power of leucine. This protein powder is the first of its kind, so it’s much more than just another whey protein powder. 


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Let’s Look At The Ingredients

Let’s get into the details of what exactly Hi-Tech Pharma Precision Protein is and what it does. 

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Phospholipid Matrix – 25 Grams

First, as noted Precision Protein provides 25 grams of 100% hydrolyzed whey per serving. Hydrolyzed whey is a fast-digesting protein because it’s broken down into very small particles, more than regular whey protein. Of course, this means fast absorption and fast digestion speed. The fast digestion speed makes Precision Protein ideal for use first thing in the morning and around your workouts. 


Second, this innovative protein powder includes a first-of-its-kind enzyme called Embedded Enzyme Technology, or EET™. This technology changes how protein acts in your body. It works by breaking down or hydrolyzing specific points in the long amino acid chains that make up whey protein. Specifically, it breaks down these long chains to increase the release of Leucine Peptides that naturally occur in whey. 


This stimulates a significantly greater increase in mTOR activation and therefore protein synthesis. It also increases PGC-1a4. All of this means quicker muscle growth and strength gains. (1)

Wait A Minute, What Is PGC-1a4?

PGC-1a4 is a transcriptional coactivator generated by exercise that appears to induce IGF, and excitingly, may inhibit myostatin. For those that may not know, myostatin is a type of protein called a myokine that puts a limit on muscle growth. It’s long been theorized that if myostatin can be inhibited, it would free up muscle growth potential. (2)


Precision Protein, Gaspari Nutrition, and Hi-Tech

In April 2016, Hi-Tech purchased a share in Gaspari Nutrition. During this time, one of the products Gaspari released was the original Precision Protein. In August 2018, Rich Gaspari re-acquired full ownership of his company, which he founded in 1998. About a month later, Precision Protein became a Hi-Tech product. This is the same formula, and it’s trademarked. That suggests that this protein was most likely conceived by Hi-Tech in the first place. Currently, Gaspari has nothing like it. (3, 4)

How Do I Use Hi-Tech Precision Protein?

Mix 1 serving with 4-8oz of water, milk, or juice in a shaker cup and shake well. For best results mix and drink immediately before and after your workout or anytime you need protein and anabolic Leucine peptides, such as first thing in the morning. For best results, take 2-3 servings daily. 

What Can I Stack It With?

Hi-Tech Precision Protein should be a part of your cornerstone supplement program. That said, you can stack protein powder with anything. Let’s look at a couple of great Stack ideas.


Hi-Tech Precision Protein Mass Stack

Precision Protein


The pre-workout of your choice. A great option is 5% Nutrition 5150 and Full As F*ck.

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Add a good intra-workout. A good option is NutraBio Intra Blast. 

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You can also add a good natural muscle builder. One of the best examples is Bucked Up All Bulk No Bloat. This is an exceptional product that includes creatine, HICA, glutamine, and phosphatidic acid. That’s just the beginning! 

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Or, you can add prohormones. I suggest Hi-Tech Halodrol stacked with Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE. Don’t forget your PCT. I suggest 5% Nutrition Post Gear.


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Hi-Tech Precision Protein Fat Loss Stack

Precision Protein

Hi-Tech Lipodrene – the most popular thermogenic we carry!

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A good idea when you’re trying to get leaner is to use a stim-free nighttime fat burner. A great choice is Blue Star Blade PM. This lets you burn fat 24/7.

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Finally, if you eat a heavy carb cheat meal, or struggle with keeping your carbs low enough to drop fat, consider a GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent). Taken with your heaviest carb meals, it helps pull those carbs into the muscles to be stored as glycogen. It also promotes cell volume because carbs bring a lot of water with them. This prevents fat gain from excess carb intake. A great choice is 5% Nutrition Freak Show.

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There’s no doubt that a good protein powder is one of the main keys to progress. That’s even more true with Hi-Tech Precision Protein because it amplifies the protein synthesis-stimulating power of leucine. It’s hard to bring anything new to protein powders, but this is an advancement that is exceptional and powerful. If more size is on your list of goals, get Precision Protein today! 


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