Supplement Spotlight: Hi-Tech Pharma Winstrol

A bottle of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Winstrol

When it comes to prohormones, Hi-Tech Pharma remains the go-to company. With their family of brands, they have quite a selection to choose from. One of their most popular prohormones is Winstrol. In this edition of Supplement Spotlight, we’ll take a closer look at the formula, how to use it, what you can stack it with, and suggested PCT. Let’s dive right in!

What Is Hi-Tech Pharma Winstrol?

This is a prohormone for cutting and lean muscle gains. It also promotes increased strength and improved vascularity. Best of all, it does not convert to estrogen. That means you can take higher doses without having to worry about bloating or fat gain. This is a 3-ingredient formula and features Hi-Tech’s exclusive Cyclosome™ Delivery Technology for superior absorption. 

Let’s Look At The Ingredients

One serving consists of 1 tablet and provides the following ingredients:


Proprietary Prohormone & Anabolic Blend – 50mg

If there is a downside to Winstrol, it’s the prop blend. In this case, it’s 50 mg spread over 3 ingredients. The problem is, there’s no way to know the strength of each ingredient. Nonetheless, you will be taking enough tablets every day to provide effective dosing of each compound. 


3Beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-17-one – This is a sex hormone and non-methylated prohormone. Typically, it’s used to gain strength and reduce body fat. Androsterone can be converted to DHT. Also, it has anti-estrogenic properties, so it won’t convert to estrogen in the body.


  • Improves Strength
  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Anti-Estrogenic


25R-Spirostan-22a-0-3b-5a-6b-triol – This is also known as Super Laxogenin. Of course, Laxo is a natural plant “steroid” that supports protein synthesis and muscle growth. 


  • Natural
  • Gives Your Body A “Blueprint” To Make Its Own Steroids


5-Androstene-3B-acetoxy-7,17-dione – This is a well-known cutting prohormone. It also supports muscle gains. 


  • Promotes Lean Gains
  • Improves Vascularity
  • Mild Stimulant


How Do I Use Hi-Tech Winstrol?

As per the label directions: Take one (1) tablet 3 times per day. Take divided up throughout the day. Do not take more than 4 tablets per day. Take with or near a meal. Since 5-Androstene-3B-acetoxy-7,17-dione has mild stimulant properties, feel free to take it with your pre-workout.


Take Winstrol for 6 weeks, followed by a 4- week PCT program. You will find an example PCT program at the end of the next section.

What Can I Stack It With?

Here are two excellent stacks to help you get the most out of Hi-Tech Winstrol. 

Winstrol Mass Stack

This example stack will use several products from the Hi-Tech family of brands.




Hi-Tech Halodrol – This popular prohormone stimulates protein synthesis and promotes muscle growth. 


Hi-Tech Precision Protein – One scoop provides 25g of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein in a special Phospholipid Matrix. This means the whey protein uses a technology that allows faster release of leucine for quicker protein synthesis stimulation. Sounds exciting, right?

See it here: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Precision Protein – I’ll Pump You Up (


5% Nutrition All Day You May – EAAs/BCAAs will further stimulate protein synthesis. Drink this during your workout, or anytime during the day. See it here: 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY – I’ll Pump You Up (


APS Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine is a cornerstone muscle builder that should be in the stack of any serious lifter. See it here: APS Creatine Monohydrate – I’ll Pump You Up (


NutraBio Pre – You always need a good pre-workout! See it here: NutraBio PRE Workout – I’ll Pump You Up (


Fat Loss Stack



Hi-Tech Halodrol – This popular prohormone promotes protein synthesis and stimulates muscle growth. See it here: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halodrol – I’ll Pump You Up (


Hi-Tech Precision Protein – This is a premium quality protein powder. See it here: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Precision Protein – I’ll Pump You Up (


5% Nutrition All Day You May – See it here: 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY – I’ll Pump You Up (


Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged – I picked this pre-workout because it’s lower in caffeine (275mg). The next product, Alpha Cuts, contains 200mg of caffeine. For those extreme-stim lifters that are trying to cut fat, you can mix Pre-Kaged with Alpha Cuts. Do your cardio first, or do it post-resistance training. Alpha Cuts can be taken up to an hour and a half before cardio. 


It should be said that Pre-Kaged is an excellent pre-workout. It’s one of the few with antioxidants, BCAAs, and extra leucine. We haven’t even got to the rest of the formula!

See it here: Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged – I’ll Pump You Up (


Alpha Pro Nutrition Alpha Cuts – As noted above, this is a pre-cardio fat burner. This will play off of Winstrol’s cutting potential. We know that fat loss requires more cardio and fewer calories. This stack maximizes that, but it also optimizes muscle preservation. It’s fine to get cut, but not at the expense of lots of muscle. 


See it here: Alpha Pro Nutrition Alpha Cuts Powder Thermogenic Fatburner – I’ll Pump You Up (

Suggested PCT Program

Winstrol is anti-estrogenic, so an estrogen blocker is not needed. 


Spazmatic Supplements Just Test Me – One of the best test boosters on the market. See it here: Spazmatic Supplements Just Test Me! All-In-One-Testosterone Booster – I’ll Pump You Up (


Hi-Tech Arimiplex – Highly recommended PCT. Get it here: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex – I’ll Pump You Up (



Add another natural muscle builder such as Bucked Up All Bulk, No Bloat. PCT is a great time to use a product like this. While a specific PCT product is best, adding natural muscle builders will help you maintain or even add muscle. 

See it here: DAS Labs Bucked UP All Bulk No Bloat – I’ll Pump You Up (



Of course, Hi-Tech Pharma is a good company with a wide range of effective products. They are unique in that they have a “family” of brands. That means you have a lot of choices when it comes to prohormones and supplements in general. Winstrol is one of their more recent additions to their prohormone lineup. It’s a proven winner! If you’re looking for lean mass, get Winstrol and get going! 


Get Winstrol here: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Winstrol – I’ll Pump You Up (


Find all your supplements right here: Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (


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